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    Marketing on Social Media by Building Genuine Connections with Your Audience with Annelise Worn

    Social media is becoming a major topic on the podcast these days and for good reason. We all use social media as a marketing tool and a means to reach a wider audience and draw people towards our businesses. But so often our tactics for social media involve just posting, […]

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    June Moodboard + Monthly Goals

    Happy June and Happy Pride! We are almost halfway through the year and in just 3 days I will be turning 30! I absolutely can’t believe that I am about to leave my 20’s. It was both surreal and wonderful all at once. In some ways I already feel 30. […]

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    Copying vs Taking Inspiration : Know the Difference and Learn to Think for Yourself

    What constitutes as copying vs. just taking inspiration If you’ve blatantly taken their work and put your name on it If a side by side comparison looks almost identical If only a few items have been changed If a third party viewer would think both pieces of work were created […]