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    How to give yourself compassion as an entrepreneur

    All photos in this post are from our engagement shoot with the incredibly talented Samantha Floyd. To be totally honest, I’m writing today’s post because it’s something I myself need to hear. Even though I sit here all the time and tell you guys all the things I think make […]

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    Why Creative Entrepreneurs Need Other Creative Outlets

    I’m a firm believer in having creative outlets. In fact, I think every creative entrepreneur should have at least 2 creative outlets that they pursue outside of their work. These outlets don’t need to make you any money, nor do they ever need to become side hustles, unless you end […]

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    My Journey to Running My Own Business

    So today I’m actually doing things a little differently. For most of my podcasts I typically write them like I would a typical blog post and then I sit down to record the audio so that you guys can listen to it. But today I’m literally just sitting back in […]