January Moodboard + Yearly Intentions

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2024 – Embracing what is to come

When welcoming this new year I find myself torn. We all know that I’m a diligent planner. Confession: I not only have my business planner but I also keep a bullet journal and have even contemplated adding in an art journal for 2024. I just love keeping track of different areas of my life.

A new year feels like a fresh start for ideas and planning these ideas and new goals is something I greatly look forward to as it brings a sense of calm and purpose to my life and business.

At the same time, I’ve firmly been planting myself in the anti-hustle movement since these last few years have been huge growing years for me and I’ve realized the massive importance of focusing on relationships, hobbies, and the areas of our personal life that bring us the most joy.

Obviously, there is no right or wrong way to embrace the New Year. And while I have gone ahead and planned out content for you all through June (in an effort to stay consistent this year) I’m also fully aware of the fact that our routine is about to get thrown on its head with the birth of our son in March.

There will be an ebb and flow, a give and a take, and a necessity to remain flexible this year, as with most years. We can never know the future or the outcome of our dreams or plans. But onward we push, to better and strengthen ourselves, and to cultivate a more fulfilling life.

Intentions for 2024

Personal Life

Building a successful morning & evening routine

I’m enthralled with TikToks that talk about having a “closing shift” every evening at home. I’ve also been trying to sort out my ideal morning routine for some time now so that I set myself up for an effective and inspiring day. I’m currently adding in tasks to do each morning and evening until they become habits because I know how important it’s going to be for my mental health to still take care of me and our space once baby makes his grand entrance.

Doing something active every day

This is already getting harder and harder these days as my bump grows, but I’m also in physical therapy to help me find exercise and stretches that feel good and give me and baby all the benefits we need. Even some light stretching is counting as my movement for the day right now but I’m also making an effort to do Pelaton on days where I have excessive energy or go on long walks on warmer days since this is something I plan to do a lot of once baby is born.

Finding intentional rest

Truly resting and recharging is something that doesn’t always come naturally to me. My brain is constantly coming up with ideas to create or new hobbies to try. But more and more I’m pinpointing the things that really allow my brain to shut off or help me step outside of my daily to-do list in order to give myself a chance to refresh. I hope that when baby comes we can find a flow that allows us to be present and slow down to just savor him. I’m already trying to break out of feeling like I have to be productive 24/7 so that once March rolls around I don’t feel guilty over just snuggling my new little baby everyday.


Batch content to stay consistent with my marketing

Probably my biggest struggle with business over the last 7 years has been showing up consistently here on the blog and on social media when I get busy with client work. But I’ve had so many ideas through the years that I never got around to posting and in a way that feels like letting myself and my business down. So right now I’m in the process of batching content so that I have posts scheduled even through my maternity leave so that I continue to market myself even when I’m snuggling my little babe.

Focus more on buyable products

Don’t get me wrong, I love working one-on-one with my clients to create something really unique and special for them. At the same time, I find myself more and more drawn toward products for you all to buy when and if you need them for your business. It opens up my creativity to almost endless possibilities and gives you all access to my services at a lower price point. We have a lot of things in the works already for this year and I can’t wait to share them with you!

Letting go of my perfectionism

I’ve made some huge strides in overcoming some of my perfectionist tendencies over the last couple of years simply by pushing myself to try new hobbies or things outside of my comfort zone. I’ve reached a level of “done is better than nothing” with some of my personal projects and hobbies and this has helped me explore new avenues within myself and my business that I really wasn’t allowing myself to tap into before. I’m hoping to continue this journey and at some point totally and completely leave this perfectionism mentality behind me.

We hope that you are finding peace in your embracing of the New Year and that you allow yourself some grace and flexibility in all areas to allow yourself to grow into whatever may lie ahead for you in 2024.

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