June Moodboard & Theme Launch

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Turning 32

June marks another year of life for me. I’m technically completing my 32nd year as my 32nd birthday comes around. I equal parts feel 32 and also can not begin to believe that I’m 32. Feels like only yesterday I was turning 22. Isn’t that the way with birthdays?

This has been another growing year for me. In truth, I hope that all years are growing years because I refuse to stay stagnate. I live by the mindset that life is about continuously evolving, exposing yourself to knew ideas, and pushing yourself to be better. Never staying put or becoming complacent.

There are areas of my life that have not turned out the way I imagined they would and yet I look around me and I’m incredibly grateful for the way things are. I’ve been blessed to pursue a career that inspires and enriches my creative mind. I’ve found true and meaningful love with my favorite person in the world. I have friends that want to sit and talk for hours, long after our coffee has gone cold. I have family that tells me every time we talk how much they’ve missed me. I’ve been on grand adventures and visited some of my dream locations. I’m pursuing hobbies and goals that I’ve always wanted to achieve.

At the end, I’m happy, content, and grateful for this little life of mine.

Thank you for joining me on another year around the sun.

We are also so excited to announce

Our WordPress Themes are officially launched!

All of our themes are built specifically for self-hosted WordPress websites WITHOUT the use of a secondary page builder or program. We’ve created them to be compatible with the incredibly powerful and adaptive Full Site Editor within WordPress.

AKA: all you need is one of these themes to get your website up and running!

This month’s free background is soft and breathy, adding a bit of peace and calm to the beginning of your summer months. For the free background there are versions for your computer, tablet and phone wallpapers. Just scroll back to the top and sign up to our newsletter receive your free download!

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