February Moodboard + Monthly Intentions

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Taking each day as it comes

We’ve felt a shift in the air this year. As the new year has been in full swing we’ve noticed that more and more people aren’t “grinding” or “hustling” like they did in years past.

So many of the words of the year or intentions for 2024 that we’ve been seeing are way more introspective and mindful than in years when so much of what you’d see on the internet was how to hit the ground running and crush your goals, etc.

It’s refreshing in a way. And as we analyze this shift that everyone seems to be embracing, I think it’s pretty obvious that people are done working themselves into the ground and not feeling fulfilled even when they hit their goals.

I know our business has certainly shifted in the last year or so because, even when we had our most profitable years, we were so burnt out we felt like quitting and just shutting all of this down.

As we rapidly approach the birth of our son (5 more weeks!) I’m navigating this year with a mindset of: whatever happens happens and whatever gets done gets done. I’m still working with clients up until my maternity leave but I’m also fully embracing creative hobbies that really excite me and intentionally taking evenings off to soak up these last few weeks of it just being the two of us (and our pup, of course). We are caring for our home and getting it baby ready. We are reaching out to friends we haven’t seen in a while. We are spending weekends with family. And we are really and truly just basking in this life we have made for ourselves and taking each day as it comes.

There is no rush. There is no “end goal” to all of this. We are simply being. And that’s enough.

Monthly Intentions

Personal Life

Finish baby prep

We still have a few finishing touches to make to the nursery and lots of new goodies from our baby showers to wash and put away. We also signed up for some birthing and infant classes that we still need to take but we can’t wait to learn all the things.

Start maternity leave

Our little guy should make his debut at the beginning of March, but in order to feel really ready, and in case he comes early, I’ll be taking my maternity leave towards the second half of this month. Literally can’t believe that we are already here!


Schedule posts for while I’m gone on maternity leave

It’s my intention for podcast episodes to continue to come out for the two months that I’m on maternity leave so we are in the midst of batching and scheduling so that we don’t miss an episode! Monthly moodboards will also continue so, if you look forward to these each month, don’t fret! March and April will still come out like normal.

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