December Moodboard + Monthly Goals

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Back in February I talked about how I wanted to romanticize my life: exaggerate small moments, things no one really notices even, and recognize them for the beautiful, simple, and perfect things that they are. I honestly feel like that has been my goal for most of this year.

I’ve purposefully filled my day with things that I’m loving, worked ruthlessly hard to combat the things that were holding me back or hurting me, and have purposefully slowed down in moments of stress or hurry in order to check in with myself, look at where I am, and take it all in. These moments of reflection have changed something about how I’m moving through the world and how I experience it. I’ve become more okay with the decisions I’m making for myself and more likely to go with what feels right to me versus what I think I’m supposed to be doing.

I have stepped away from work that drained and depleted me and instead focused my attention on work that boosts my creativity and invigorates me during my work day. I’ve stopped endlessly scrolling on my phone in the evenings and instead have found hobbies that have nurtured me and enriched my “me time”. I have stopped dieting and withholding what my body wants and instead have put that energy into staying active and fueling my body with delicious and healthy food that makes me feel good. I have taken photos just because I want to and not because I feel like I need something to post. I have put up boundaries with relationships that felt like a burden to me and I have leaned into the relationships in my life that make me feel more like myself. And I have done all of this for me.

Through all of these changes I have recognized again and again how lucky I am to have the life that I have. I’ve had 31 years on this planet to love the people that I love and have a million wonderful experiences. I have a career I built from nothing that has evolved so much through the years. I have a husband who is truly my favorite person on this planet. I have an incredible family that just keeps on growing. I have a body that is so resilient and has kept me going through so much. I have a house that I get to decorate and improve in the way that suits my personal taste.

This year has changed me, inside and out, and it has been all for the better. I feel more sure of myself and who I am. I have dreams for the future but I am open to whatever happens next. I am hopeful and grateful. So very grateful.

Monthly Goals

1. Plan for the New Year

There is something so refreshing about a new year, like a fresh page in a journal or planner. I look forward to planning for the New Year probably more than most people because I always feel as though I’ve pressed a huge reset button on my life and business when January rolls around. This next year I’ve decided to start bullet journaling as a way of tracking my everyday habits and little things that I care about. I suppose this bullet journal is less about planning and more about being able to visualize my year in a beautiful and colorful way, but right now I’ve been planning out the pages I want to include and drawing them out in a lovely blush journal that Mike picked up for me the other day. Already I’m seeing my year take shape and all the things I want to achieve are already feeling a little more real.

2. Spend lots of time with family & friends

This time of year is incredibly busy for us, as it is with most families, but in addition to the holidays we have 5 birthdays (used to be 6) happening around Thanksgiving and Christmas. That means extra presents, lots of traveling, and always feeling like we need to stay a little bit longer with every family member to really and truly celebrate them. We just spent a week with Mike’s extended family for Thanksgiving and soon we will make the trek to see my family for Christmas. We also have 3 Christmas parties with friends, one of which we are hosting, and a baby shower to attend so something tells me this year will feel like a whirlwind. We daydream of someday having a calm Christmas at home with our own kids but for the time being we are happily making our way all over the state to be with the people we love most.

3. Launch our themes

It’s happening! It’s REALLY happening!! I know I’ve been talking about themes for forever and a day here on the blog but we are FINALLY getting our themes launched and I absolutely can’t wait to get them out into the world. We have put so much heart and soul into making these the best that we can make them and I really and truly hope that you all will love them as much as we do. Our email list will be the first to see them, and get a little discount, so if you are at all interested be sure to sign up very soon!

What goals are you focusing on this month? Any that are similar to mine? Let me know over on Instagram!

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