November Moodboard + Thoughts

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Thoughts on marriage.

As of today, November 2nd, Mike and I have been married for 3 years. That may sound like a long time to some of you and a drop in the bucket to others. Before we met we each had been in long term relationships that lasted about 3 years. When you are 20 years old that feels like an eternity.

Now, we have 3 years of marriage and 8 years total together under our belts.

It’s hard to wrap my mind around the fact that we have been together that amount of time. 3 years that used to feel like forever now, with the right person, has felt like a blink; an absolute whirlwind of a million beautiful moments.

I am both immensely grateful that a love like this came into my life when it did and also desperately sad that life seems to move so quickly. I find myself wanting more and more to document our life as it is now, just the two of us, still kids in a lot of ways, figuring out life together.

In the 5 years before we were married we lived with roommates, ended jobs, started jobs, started a business, backpacked through Scotland, stayed in an apartment in Prague, road tripped through New England, moved into a high rise apartment together downtown, saw all of our favorite bands in concert, travelled countless times back to the mountains, bought a house, faced a near death experience, and figured out how to coexist together.

In the 3 years of our marriage we have navigated Covid and quarantines, learned to work together in the same office, celebrated entering our 30’s, changed our house in wonderful ways to make it really ours, lost our precious dog Radley and multiple family members, stayed in Paris for 2 weeks, found out we were pregnant in Paris, lost our baby halfway through pregnancy, navigated grief and therapy together, added to our family with our new pup Toffee, watched my business grow and change in beautiful ways, and recently road tripped through Canada.

To say it’s been a wild ride is an absolute understatement. What I have learned about life in these last few years is that it is unpredictable, terrifying even at times, but having someone that truly understands you makes everything so much easier to manage. I am infinitely grateful for the man that is my husband.

Typically we spend every anniversary in Boone where we got married but this year we are at home, cozied up with our pup, and spending the day doing things that bring us joy and, most importantly, spending time with each other.

Here’s some favorite shots from our wedding 3 years ago as well as our wedding video.

photos by Samantha Floyd film by Howard Photo and Film

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