January Moodboard + Yearly Manifestations

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2023: Something truly good on the Horizon

I’m sure it comes as no surprise to anyone that I’m already doing a lot of reflecting in this new year. More than anything I’ve been comparing this past holiday season and new year to where we were this time last year. I know so fully how I was feeling, how utterly crushed and broken I felt in every way.

The rest of 2022 wasn’t easy but I can honestly say that it was my most growing year that I’ve experienced in a very long time.

I am NOT that person anymore. Or, at least, I am a new evolution of the person I was in January 2022.

I’m so freaking proud of the work I have done to feel more confident and in control of my life. Mike and I spent all of 2022 working on ourselves, working on our relationship with each other and others, working on our house, working on our physical health, working on all areas of our life really, and building something solid and sustainable. We are continually reminded of things we are proud of and how far we’ve come with understanding our emotions, grief, and life in general.

And it can’t go without saying, our new pup Toffee was one of the brightest spots of 2022. Getting him has helped us heal a lot of heartache and he has brought so much energy and laughter back into our home.

I’m so proud of 2022 me. I can’t wait to see what happens in 2023.


This year I’ve decided to manifest some things instead of set goals. Whether or not you believe in manifestation, indulge me as I will these things into my life in 2023.


We’ve been working on themes for years now and when life got in the way these themes went by the wayside. However, we are bringing them back and they are better than EVER. I’m so freaking proud of them and we have even more in the works for the future. Once these launch this month most of my attention with be going toward getting them in front of as many business owners as possible. I’m super stoked about this new endeavor in our business and I’m going ahead and putting it out there that this will be a turning point in the trajectory of Sweet Horizon. Hope ya’ll are ready for this!


It’s no secret that we want to have a baby. I always thought I would be a mom at 30 and when that didn’t happen it rocked me to my core. I’m putting it out into the universe that a baby is in our future this year. I have good feelings about future pregnancies and we are hoping for the best.


My relationship with my body has gone through some low lows in the past few years but I’m starting this year off with some wonderful healthy habits, like meal prepping and working out consistently throughout the week. I’m also stopping negative talk surrounding my body because I have a terrible habit of beating myself up no matter what I look like. It dawned on me recently that I have thought I was fat, and that being fat was a horrible thing, for most of my adult life no matter what size I have been. That sort of negativity has to end. I know it will be long road but I’m proud of the ways I’m taking care of myself and I just need to keep it up. Being healthy is the goal. And I should love my body and all the ways it has taken me through hard times and survived some crazy stuff. It’s an incredible body, regardless of what size dress I wear.

Whether you are manifesting or setting goals for 2023, I wish you all the success and joy in this coming year.

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