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Falling for Autumn

I’m the type of gal that comes ALIVE in fall. I’ve been stocking up on my autumnal sweaters, fall scented candles, and all the pumpkin spice chia tea lattes that I can manage. The maples in our neighborhood are just starting to tinge red and I’m ready for those summer evening storms to start cooling things down for good.

Even if the temperatures are still very much stuck in summer (hello 108 degree days) I still see September as the start of my favorite season. It’s the perfect month to take last minute camping trips, attend a few outdoor movie nights or concerts, pull out the fall crafts and hobbies that bring so much comfort and joy like crocheting & embroidering, rewatch Gilmore Girls or any Meg Ryan movie for the millionth time, and bake the yummiest of treats full of cinnamon and warmth.

This fall looks a bit different for us since we are busy preparing for a new little arrival in the early spring of next year. We are embracing this last fall season of just us two: planning trips to see friends across the country, booking a getaway to the mountains, celebrating Mike’s 32nd birthday, helping plan & prep for Mike’s brother’s wedding early next month, attending our favorite music festivals, ordering items for our nursery to start the nesting process, solidifying healthy habits for when baby comes, and spending as much time with friends and family as we can.

It feels like a lot to pack into this month and, I’m not going to lie, our calendar is quite full (hence why there isn’t a background this month. Sorry!!) but we are so looking forward to fall and all the chaos that is our lives at the moment. There is so much joy around us and so many celebrations to be had and I am just so so grateful.

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