August Moodboard

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Hanging on to Summer

August feels like the final note of summer. Even though the warm weather will linger on into September and, possibly, October, August is typically the last moment of true summer for most of us. Final vacations are enjoyed, kids are preparing for a new school year, and we are basking in the long summer days for as long as possible.

While I’m looking forward to fall and all the change that it will bring, I am sad to see this summer go. We’ve done more this summer than we did last couple of summers and it has felt like coming back to ourselves in a way. But I’m ready to make the most of the final days of summer, filled with all of our favorite things. We still have summer concerts to attend, pool days turning into cookouts with friends, lots of evening strolls through the neighborhood, camping trips with hiking and s’mores galore, summer books to get caught up in, and lots of iced lattes coming our way.

We also are celebrating 7 years of Sweet Horizon this month! Hard to believe that this business of mine started as a side hustle 7 years ago. Truly, where does the time go? I’m so grateful for all of the support over the years and I can’t wait to see how this business continues to grow and adapt in the future.

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