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The Longest Days

I read recently that adults hold summer as a special season in their hearts because for our entire childhood that was the one season in the year that we had a bit freedom to do and be whatever we wanted to do and be.

There’s obviously some nostalgia there: sleepovers where we didn’t have a bedtime, riding bikes just to feel the breeze in the heat, entire days where the only worry was applying sunscreen and who could swim the fastest across the pool, getting lost in a good book while relaxing on the front porch, adventures to camp where we made new best friends for a week, camping trips where there was no such thing as too many s’mores, sleeping in as late as your body needed, and simply existing in the purest form.

But I like to believe that we can still capture some of that magic in our adulthood as well. Why leave the kids to solely enjoy summer?

Summer is the time for spontaneous beach trips, finding a new trashy romance novel to enjoy, drinking a summer cocktail by the pool, hosting backyard cookouts turned to long movie nights with friends, late night runs to get milkshakes or ice cream, making the comfiest day-bed on your porch, hiking the trail to your favorite outlook and having a picnic, breaking out your roller skates or bike and cruising around town, incorporating play into your everyday, and not only existing but thriving in every possible way.

Do and be whatever you want to do and be.

These summer days are the longest days, not because they drag on endlessly, but because we can fit so must living into every day and make it a summer of memories.

What memories are you making this summer?

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