October Moodboard + Favorite Things

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October: my favorite month of the year.

Breathing in freshly baked cookies, rich with cinnamon and pumpkin flavors, feeling the heat rising and warming the entire house and opening a window to be met with a gust of chilled air. This reminds me of all the reasons I absolute love autumn.

There is a coolness all around you: in the misty early mornings, or the chilly hardwood floors that require socked feet. But there is a warmth where you make it: found in layers of cozy sweaters, logs roasting in the fireplace, or a mug of warm cider.

Autumn is forever a season of balance.

Balancing spooky thrills with cozy comfort. Balancing open windows with heated blankets. Balancing the end of summer vacation with the anticipation of holidays. Balancing falling temperatures with fire colored foliage.

There is a give and take that has always appealed to me and, as I get older, it speaks to me more and more.

My life is constantly ebbing and flowing. Nothing ever stays the same. Everything seems to come with, or require, some sort of balance. And this balancing act of life has felt incredibly enriching lately. I never feel as though I’m stuck being one thing or only having one goal. I can move and drift between hobbies, interests, goals, and priorities similar to how the seasons come and go with their own changing plans and priorities.

These days I’m balancing lots of coding for work with pursuing numerous creative hobbies in my free time like crocheting, reading, playing guitar, and writing. I’m balancing my growing baby bump with lots of nutritious foods and taking long walks throughout the week. I’m balancing all my alone time during the day with multiple trips away from Raleigh on the weekends with some of my favorite people.

I’m leaning into this changing season, looking forward to so many things on the horizon, and simply going with the flow.

A few of my favorite fall things:

Pumpkin Chia Tea Lattes

– There is absolutely no comparison. This is my number 1 addiction this fall season

Cabin socks

These are a must in every color they come in. The softness is pure luxury.

Matching Sets As Outfits

– For cozy days around the house I had to stock up on several matching sets. One of my favorites is the LumberJane line from Aerie.

A Good Thriller

– I’m always down for a good thriller and the last two I’ve read were The 7 1/2 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle and The Silent Patient, both of which were excellent.

Spooky TV Shows

– We’re a huge fan of Mike Flanagan and can’t wait for his new show The Fall of The House of Usher. Though we may have to revisit our fav The Haunting at Hill House this year.

Evening Walks

– It’s finally cool enough for us to enjoy neighborhood walks before the sun goes down. The crunchy leaves are an added bonus.

Vintage Cardigans

– Nothing beats the plushness of a vintage sweater or cardigan. I’m on the lookout for some lovely patterns & knits to add to my collection.

Leather Boots

– I will wear leather boots with anything and everything this time of year. No one can stop me.

Film Photography

– I’m always looking for ways to document our life and film photography seems to capture autumn in just the perfect way.

Handwritten Journals

– I have fallen back in love with writing things by hand. Maybe I’m embracing my inner Jo March. Maybe I’m simply romanizing my life. Who’s to say.

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