November Moodboard + Favorite Things

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November warmth

Every year, at Halloween, the temperature drastically plummets.

In college this was the bane of my existence because I would pick out my Halloween costume based on the heat of Raleigh in the fall and, without fail, the 31st would roll around and it would be FRIDGED!

This year kept to schedule. Instead of snow like some part of the country we got a chilly, rainy Halloween. Not ideal for the little kids that were going door to door in search of candy (more power to those parents – we will be in your shoes soon). But pretty good for us cozied up inside, watching festive movies under a warm blanket and only getting up to greet the little monsters & superheroes at our door.

I love this time of year for that very reason. Fall and winter mean optimal coziness, both at home and in the clothes we don this time of year. If you can’t tell in the moodboard, I’m leaning into those rainy fall evenings but adding in warm treats, heavy sweaters and tweed coats, and lots and lots of yummy treats.

2023 is almost over and we are setting our sights on 2024 as we speak. How do you plan on making the most of the last two months of this year?

A few of my favorite things this month:

feeling my baby kick

– The weirdest/greatest feeling I’ve ever experienced. Right now I’m constantly wishing he would kick me more though I know in a couple of months I’ll regret saying that.

Our Anniversary

– We are celebrating our 4 year wedding anniversary this month so we kind of make all of November a celebration

Mountain getaways

– We love getting to the mountains this time of year. We’ve stayed in some beautiful cabins for our anniversary over the years (like this & like this). Here’s hoping the trees will still be vibrant when we go this year.

Prenatal Yoga

– I’m already getting some pelvic pain in this pregnancy and, on doctor’s orders, the remedy is to stretch, stretch, & stretch some more. Prenatal yoga is a god send so far.

Revamping the website

– Every year I get the ich to redo my websites. While I don’t plan on doing a full makeup for both the blog and the studio, I am polishing up some areas in prep for 2024.

preparing new launches

– We’ll be showing more over on Instagram this month but we have so lovely new additions to the shop coming your way very soon!

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