November Monthly Goals + Free Background

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Can you tell that warm colors are my jam during the fall months? I always gravitate towards warmer neutrals as the weather gets chillier outside. Something about colder weather and cozy layers just speaks to my soul. And November is really when the temperature drops here in NC.

I’m always inspired by the color of the leaves this time of year and we are looking forward to seeing the mountains change throughout the month. That’s my absolute favorite! I’m also loving classic, tailored layers, warm baths, and steaming tarts and treats fresh from the oven. It definitely pays to have a partner that loves to bake and cook because this time of year is full of yummy treats in our house!



This one’s a BIGGIE! We are officially launching our themes in January but a few subscribers will be getting early access to our themes at the end of November to help us polish them up. That being said, we are busy hustling away to make sure that these themes are the best they can be and so that they are an awesome asset for anyone that chooses to shop with us! Last month we shared a website launch checklist freebie to get all of you started on your new website journey and we are going to start posting more about all the elements from this freebie here on the blog very very soon! Meanwhile, over on Instagram I’ll be in my stories everyday covering a different topic from the checklist, so if you are interested be sure to tune in this month!


November is the month of our anniversary and I honestly can’t believe we are coming up on our second wedding anniversary on the 2nd! We’ve been together 7 years, married for 2 and that feels super long and not long at all at the same time. We are getting away for a week to celebrate our anniversary though it’s really just a change of scenery because we will still be working while we are away. But we are excited for the change for a bit and I’m looking forward to doing a lot of writing while we are away.


This is is less of a goal and more of a wish I guess haha! If you didn’t see on Instagram last week, we announced that we are having a little girl next April/May and we absolutely can’t wait to meet her!! I’m very nearly done with my first trimester and I’m anxiously looking forward to when I can get some of my energy back! This first trimester has totally knocked me out and I’ve slept more than ever and still been tired! I’ve also had what’s known as “food fatigue” where eating makes me so sleepy I can hardly stay awake. Literally everything makes me exhausted. The doctor and the baby books say second trimester is when a lot of that goes away so cross your fingers for me that I’m able to get through a meal without feeling like I’ll fall asleep at the table!

It’s also hard to believe that this will be our last holiday season as just the two of us. We can’t wait to be parents but it is also almost impossible to imagine what our lives will be like this time next year! So much is changing, so much is worth holding on to. Life is so wild sometimes.

This month’s free background is another abstract painting featuring some of my favorite colors for this time of year, very much inspired by the color of the leaves in our neighborhood right now. For the free background there are versions for your computer, tablet and phone wallpapers. Sign up here to our newsletter to receive your free download!

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