December Monthly Goals + Free Background

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I am in full cinnamon bun baking, cabin socks & Christmas pajama wearing, cheesy holiday movie watching, and cozy heated blanket cuddling mode over here. All I need is snow to be falling outside and I’m set! Unfortunately Raleigh has been way too warm for that so far but a girl can dream.

Mike and I were pretty lax with our thanksgiving/fall decor this year, but come this weekend all the Christmas stuff is coming down from the attic and the house is going to be in full festive mode. Already we’ve had holiday movies playing in the background as we work from the couch these days and I absolutely love to hate/hate to love how ridiculous some of these story lines are. At least you know it will be wholesome and work out in the end. What’s your favorite holiday movie this year?



It’s happening! It’s really happening! I could literally pinch myself that our shop is getting 3 new themes by the end of the year! It’s been SUCH a long time coming and I literally would not have been able to do it without my expert code-fixer husband and my super organized assistant who is keeping me on task through all the launch details! I’m SO SO excited for you all to see these themes and to also help set up all the beautiful sites that you all will create with them!

If you are on my newsletter you’ll be getting access to these themes THIS MONTH! So if you are wanting a new site for the new year, now’s your chance! Hop on over to our waitlist and sign up to get early access!


The holidays are in full swing and this is a busy time of year for us. We have family at either end of NC and a total of 4 family birthdays to celebrate this month! We’ll be visiting family, hosting family at our place, and of course celebrating Christmas with some of our favorite holiday traditions (cannot WAIT for our gingerbread house night). We also are fully aware that this will be our last holiday season just the two of us and we are soaking it all in. Baby girl has her anatomy ultrasound coming up and we are hoping and praying for a fully healthy scan!

I’m taking this entire month off of client work and already booking out for the spring before my maternity leave begins in April. I just know this time is going to fly by but it’s also so important to me to take time to be with family and celebrate all that we having happening in our lives.

This month’s free background was actually inspired by some of the nursery wallpaper we’ve been looking at, just with a winter twist! For the free background there are versions for your computer, tablet and phone wallpapers. Sign up here to our newsletter to receive your free download!

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