October Monthly Goals + Free Background

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Breathe in the crisp air and fall in love with autumn all over again.

Fall is my absolute favorite season and I’m ready for it to be in full swing. The leaves changing, the weather getting chilly, the cozy fashion, the spooky movies, and the warm home décor. It’s all perfection in my opinion.

We are starting out October diving head first into all the Halloween feelings. We have some favorite Mike Flannagan horror movies and shows lined up, a recipe for pumpkin cinnamon rolls we can’t wait to try, and some long walks in the October evenings lined up. We also thrift a lot of our décor every year and I think we’ll spend some time this weekend visiting some favorite thrift stores to find new additions for our fall/Halloween décor.

What things do you have planned to kick off the fall season?



This is less of a goal, I suppose, and more of an announcement. We’ve decided to bring on a social media manager to help the Sweet Horizon team with all things Instagram and marketing related. We have several things launching this year and I’m so so excited to bring on an expert that will help us meet some of our marketing goals. We also have a lot of new content we can’t wait to share with you all so be sure to check out our Instagram to see what we are up to!


Even though we’ve owned our house for two years there are still too many blank walls in every room. We brought home a lot of art from Paris but have yet to hang any of it. I’ve been trying to find some fun frames in thrift shops to frame our art and to find other art prints we may want to decorate with. I blame the fact that we’ve rented for so many years that neither one of us is used to being able to really set up a place the way we want. We’ve also been so focused on other things in the last year that house projects have fallen by the wayside a bit. It’s always a process to make a place feel like home and I’ve decided that art is the main thing we are missing to really make this place show off our personalities.


My wonderful assistant, Shayne, is helping me redo my workflows, onboarding, and processes as a whole. I’m always looking for ways to update and improve and I’m so excited with some of the new things we are implementing to make my process even more streamline and faster for my clients. I feel like it’s important for any service based business owner to reevaluate their process every year or two just to make sure it’s perfect for their clients and that’s exactly what we are doing.

This month’s free background is a a fun tree sketch that’s inspired by the beautiful colors we have here in our neighborhood this time of year. For the free background there are versions for your computer, tablet and phone wallpapers. Sign up here to our newsletter to receive your free download!

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