Why You Should Let Your Business Evolve

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The business world is an ever changing market. And if you are a business owner that should be a wonderful and exciting thing! That means that your business can evolve and change and you don’t have to get stuck in a rut of doing the same thing day in and day out.

But evolving can be a scary thing. Especially when it’s your livelihood.

At the thought of changing, most people ask the same questions:

What if my existing customers don’t like the change?

What if the new change isn’t as profitable?

What if I end up not liking the change?

You know what I say to all of that?

That’s totally okay! Really!

If your current customers don’t like the change, guess what? You’ll attract people who do. And I guarantee that some, if not most, of your existing followers will embrace the change with you.

If the new change isn’t as profitable, this is a learning opportunity! You can always change it back or change it to something new again. But remember, just because something isn’t hugely profitable, doesn’t mean it isn’t good for your business. For instance, putting an emphasis on social media doesn’t have to bring in huge profits but it can still improve your business as a whole.

And if you don’t like the change, then that means you haven’t found something that totally suits you yet. Again, learning opportunity!

My business has been evolving from day 1, and still continues to evolve.

First, Sweet Horizon was a lifestyle/fashion blog, then a photography business, which evolved into a graphic design studio, and now we offer paper products as well. I’ve loved every stage, and continue to try and incorporate everything into my current business plan. It keeps things interesting, and is so fun to see when different avenues really start to hold their own.

Evolving does not mean you have to start back at square one. It just means you are adapting to the market, finding out what works for both your customers and yourself, and in the long run improving your business!

So let’s go over some reasons why you SHOULD change and evolve.

You get to experience new territory

There’s a reason you left your desk job, right? You hated doing the same tasks over and over with no end in sight. So why limit yourself to the same workflow when you are the boss?

Use this time to try something you’ve always wanted to do. Maybe you are a lifestyle blogger that wants to get into DIY projects. Maybe your are a virtual assistant that wants to start their own website. Test the waters, explore new venues and allow your business to breath.

You learn more about yourself as a business owner

As a designer I find it so essential to try new creative endeavors, if for nothing else than to keep the creativity and inspiration flowing. I’ve loved being able to step away from my computer and create tangible pieces again, and it’s only made me more enthusiastic about all of my work as a whole.

As you explore new areas of your business, you’ll end up exploring new areas of yourself as well. You’ll figure out the sections of your business that you need to leave behind and you’ll find new areas that make your heart soar! Not only will you be more excited about doing your work, but you’ll also be more proud of the finished product.

You stay at the forefront of your industry

There’s nothing worse than seeing other companies that seem to be an endless supply of ideas, just bursting at the seams with creativity. While it’s not always a good thing to compare yourself to others (but I get it, we’re all human) the reason they appear to always be creating, is because they are! They are constantly trying new things, exploring new outlets for their craft, and then they get to show off the best results. No doubt they have ideas and concepts that didn’t work, and will never see the light of day, but that’s par for the course and totally 100% okay.

If you want to be one of the companies that is paving the way in your industry, you ABSOLUTELY CANNNOT produce the same exact thing for the rest of your life. Customers get bored easily, and will be looking for the next new and refreshing idea. Let it be your idea!

You may find your sweet spot

You might hit upon pure gold! You may think that as a fashion blogger, that your readers only want to see your great style. But you may find that fitness and workout videos bring in a whole new crowd, plus inspire your current readers, and take your business to new heights!

I also know several designer friends that have had huge success with something outside of their website designs. Again, evolving doesn’t mean that you have to leave your original plan behind. It’s about expanding your business and finding the best fit!

1 year to 5 year plans can be a great way to plan and track how you want to see your business evolve. And you never know, your business may evolve in a way that you hadn’t planned, but sometimes you just gotta go with the flow and enjoy the ride!

How would you like to see your business evolve? What plans do you have for you business in the coming year?


Why You Should Let Your Business Evolve from www.sweethorizonblog.com Why You Should Let Your Business Evolve from www.sweethorizonblog.com Why You Should Let Your Business Evolve from www.sweethorizonblog.com Why You Should Let Your Business Evolve from www.sweethorizonblog.com
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