How to Use Your Network to Evolve Your Business

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In my post on why you should let your business evolve, I talked about how evolution in business can help you pave the way and be a leader in your industry. Why is that the case?

Well, let’s be honest, customers are picky people. They know what they like and what they don’t like, and they are constantly seeking the newer, better product. We are so well connected in our culture today that customers are used to being able to consume material quickly, form a decision almost immediately, and then move on to the next thing.

This can be a stressful thing as a business owner, because to stay one step ahead you must always be evolving and trying new things. But do not despair, because you are totally not alone. Guarantee there are 100’s if not 1000’s of business owners out there right now trying to figure out how to attract their ideal customers and actually make ends meet.

This is a good thing for you! Honest! Because this means there is endless amounts of inspiration out there for you to delve into.

Follow Your Industry

As a designer, I follow two types of people on social media. My ideal clients and other designers.

Obviously I follow ideal clients because I want to see what they are interested in and what they are posting about. This allows me to tailor my products to better fit their needs.

But why would I follow other designers? Because I’m building my network of creatives that I am inspired by and that I can bounce ideas off of. No one will be more honest about your design work than another designer who actually knows what they are talking about. And they are thinking up things all the time that I would have never thought of on my own. Seeing their work in my newsfeed usually gives me an “AH HA!” moment and inspires some new idea.

One of my favorite things to see from other designers are their moodboards. I love seeing where they are drawing inspiration from and how they are setting up their next project. Most moodboards are done digitally, but some designers lay them out in real life so that they have it by their desk for quick reference. It’s something I’m just starting to try with my weekly moodboards. 

Find The Best In the Biz

I’m sure most of us have a business “crush”: Someone we think is killing it with their business and that we would love to grab coffee with and pick their brain. Well lucky for us in this hyper-connected world that we currently live in, we can talk to our business idols with just a simple email.

You’d be surprised the people that I have gotten responses from just by sending a quick email with “I would love to know how you got started!” or “How did you break into this industry?”

Plus, if you really focus on what leading professionals in your field are up to, you can learn a ton! What have they tried that worked? What have they tried that didn’t work? How can I apply something similar to my brand and business?

Make Some Friends

Forming friendships within your network can have huge benefits as well. Do you know of someone that works with your ideal client? If you form a friendship they can actually recommend you to clients when they are fully booked. Or they can do a post shout out to you on social media that can send some of those ideal clients your way.

This kind of culture building and research can do wonders for your business and allow it to adapt and change in ways you never thought possible. If also allows you to see what the industry standard is, what your clients are expecting of you, and how your work holds up against other people in your field.

So pay attention to what is being done in your field, try some new ideas, and allow that to inspire the evolution of your business.

How else do you rely on your network? Have you found it beneficial to make friends within your industry?


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