December Moodboard + Monthly Goals

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Very nearly to the end of 2020. There have been few years that I have looked forward to their ending like I have this year. No offence, 2020, you’ve just kind of been a mess.

Since this holiday season will most likely be spent indoors, at home, for most of us, this month’s moodboard is inspired by all my cottage-core dreams. We’ve been daydreaming lately about owning an A-frame cabin in the mountains or building one ourselves, and who knows. We may just make it happen next year.

Monthly Goals

1. Launch all of our new goodies

We’ve been working our tails off on all kinds of new stuff for you guys. We’ve got new resources in the works, new services, a new shop, new interviews for the podcast, you name it! We’ve been hustling and I can’t wait to show you all what we’ve been working on!

2. Find ways to workout in the winter

We had been on such a roll during the summer and fall with running or playing tennis most days. Now that it’s cold, we haven’t been keeping up with our lunchtime workouts like we had been. If you have any suggestions for great indoor workouts, please let us know! It’s gotta be something fun because we both struggle to feel motivated to work out.

3. Take time to slow down

I think that this has been a goal of mine for several months in the past. I have such a hard time slowing down and this year has been our busiest with client work that we’ve ever had. I’m so thankful for that but also need to take some time to enjoy the holidays and savor Christmas time. We’ve already started decorating the house, so already it feels very festive to work by the light of the Christmas tree.

This month’s free background is all about those gorgeous wintery mountains. I’m bringing out the watercolor for that snowy/icy look that just feels so much like winter to me. For the free background there are versions for your computer, tablet and phone wallpapers. Just scroll back to the top and sign up to our newsletter receive your free download!

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