January Moodboard + Yearly Goals

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2021, thank goodness you are here! We need you!

I’m all about a fresh start in the new year and this one just hits a little different after the year we’ve had. I’m so so ready for everything 2021 has in store, and we have a lot of new things in the works that we are MAKING HAPPEN!

Yearly Goals

1. Launch our new shop

I know it’s been a long times coming, but that’s just because we are working so hard to make our new shop the best that it can be for you all. With pre-made brands, social media templates, WordPress themes, website launch guides, so many bonus extras, and even a quiz to help you find the perfect fit, we can’t wait to add all of these new additions and work with even more of you in totally new ways. 2021 is looking mighty bright already.

2. Show up for our community in new ways

We already have so many new things lined up for you all including the shop, interviews on the podcast, highlighting some of our favorite designers and fellow business owners, new freebies for the resource library, new ways to work with us that will fit into any budget, and new items to help you achieve your own business goals. We’ve spent a lot of time focusing on how we can support our community, business owners and designers alike, and we are so excited to be implementing tons of new free content!

3. Prioritizing & planning to knock out our goals

2020 felt like a broken record for me when it came to my goals. We had so much client work that my own business goals kept getting pushed back. I’m striving to plan more efficiently in the new year and batch create as much as possible so that I work on the things I want to create in order to move my business forward. This isn’t always easy when things start to get busy, but I’m hoping that laying out my plans and goals now will help me slowly chip things off and achieve the goals I have for myself.

4. Be ACTIVELY anti-racist

I’m embarrassed to admit that 2020 was as eye-opening as it was for me, but I think that is true for most white people. Throughout the year Mike and I have listened, read, learned, donated, had conversations with friends and family, and have done our best to take steps towards being anti-racist. I also know that these are only the first steps in a lifelong journey towards introspection and activism. But we are not afraid of the work and will continue to learn and grow and fight for equality.

5. Make room for rest

2020 taught me a lot of things, and it certainly taught me to listen to what my body and mind need and that I need to leave room for rest. I only took one week off all year and truthfully that has not been a positive thing. I’m already blocking off several weeks in my calendar for 2021 to make sure that I take time off each quarter, that I give my mind and creativity time to rest, and that I avoid the draining creative block that creeps in with burn out. Protecting your mental wellbeing is just as important as protecting your physical wellbeing and this will certainly be a priority in this new year.

What goals do you have in the New Year?

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