August Moodboard + Monthly Goals

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How in the world are we in August?? Wasn’t it just March, like, yesterday? Time doesn’t feel real this year. We had a restful few days leading up the start of this month because I got my wisdom teeth taken out, but now I’m ready to hit the ground running. August always marks the end of summer in my mind, but it still has that carefree, laid back attitude. Especially since we are still huddled up at home.

My moodboard for this month is a mix of calming time spent by the water, watercolor and floral sketches, and lots of snuggling. It’s been a weird summer, there’s no doubt about it, but for right now things are comfy and slow and all about enjoying peace when you can find it.

August Monthly Goals:

1. Design for myself more

It’s no joke that my own website has been down pretty much all year. That’s because I’ve had 4 web design clients in a row and little to no time to come up for air. We’ve launched 2 of them and about to launch the 3rd, so while I design for this 4th website I’m hoping to also spend some time working on things for myself as well. This blog also needs a bit of refresh since a lot has changed for my little business in the last few years.

2. Show more behind the scenes

I’ve really been slack here on the blog and that’s totally my fault. When I get busy with client work, my own creative outlets go by the wayside. But there’s so much to show on here that I just haven’t put together, and I’m really aiming to change that. I have SO many ideas and things I want to share with you all. I also started a TikTok account, so if you want to follow me there, I’m trying my hand at that. You can watch me feel old and out of touch haha.

3. Explore other creative outlets

This is similar to what I said last month, but I’ve been testing my creative freedom a bit more lately and getting back into mediums that I’ve really missed. Most recently, this past weekend in fact, I pulled out all of my printmaking material and just let me creative juices flow. It’s so completely freeing to block out any to-do list or anything I “have” to do and to allow myself to explore my own creativity for a day. I need to start making this a part of my weekly schedule because it is so very good for the soul.

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