September Moodboard + Monthly Goals

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It’s certainly starting to feel like fall around here, as we’ve entered into the rainy season here in Raleigh. While the trees aren’t changing yet, the rain each evening is cooling things down and it is SO needed. The rain has also caused me to be more introspective and bring my journals back out. Somewhere in each year I get busy and forget to journal and then something like an evening thunderstorm reminds me to sit still for a moment and find a quiet moment to read or write. Do any of you have hobbies that come and go like that?

September Monthly Goals:

1. Invest in my business

This goal is a tricky one, because I already AM investing a lot into my business. But we are leveling up a lot of things around here for 2021 (services and products alike) and it’s time that I bring in some other experts. I’m a firm believer in bringing in specialized people that know more than you about a certain area of business because, honestly, you can’t be an expert in everything. I’m super excited to work with some fellow small business owners to help me level up my business and make my future business plans a success.

2. FINALLY finish our new site

I’ve got to be totally honest, I’m embarrassed that our site has been down basically all year. That was certainly not what I planned when I took it down earlier this year. But believe me, this is not just a little website Botox. Our site it getting a whole new structure, from the ground up, and will feature SO MANY new freebies and extras. I’m seriously bursting at the seams to get it launched. So fingers crossed it will happen this month or next!

3. Building up our offerings

This whole year I’ve had one thing in mind: how can I better serve my readers and my clients? Along with our new site, we are totally redoing our services and our offerings to better cater to the areas that you guys have been asking about. I can’t wait to get all of this out into the world, but right now it’s a LOT of behind the scenes work to make it a reality. But seriously, you won’t be disappointed with what’s coming!

This month’s free background is an in-between summer and fall look. I painted this background just for fun and then Mike pointed out it looked like falling leaves. Sometimes our ideas have more meaning than we intended and I’m not mad about it! For the free background there are versions for your computer, tablet and phone wallpapers. Just scroll back to the top and sign up to our newsletter receive your free download!

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