July Moodboard + Monthly Goals

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We’re back with a new moodboard this month and it’s got all the summer vibes while still having that laid-back sweetness that I always love. I feel like we all could use something a little lovely on our screens this month.

We are happy to say that so far this year has been our busiest yet, even without our typical wedding videography work. We are super thankful that our branding and web design portion of our business has picked up the slack left by weddings taking a back seat this year and we have some incredible projects currently in the works.

I wanted the moodboard this month to be soft and lovely, but I also pushed myself outside of my typical color palettes. These delicate warm tones have almost a spring feeling to them but I’m so used to using really bold, intense colors during the summer that it’s nice to have almost a neutral palette here. I’m still leaning on the at-home-quarantine as inspiration in the photos I chose, focusing on bouquets, greenery, art supplies, and hanging out in your underwear (because who bothers getting dressed these days?)

July Monthly Goals:

1. Plan in Advance

This is something I try from time to time. Some weeks I’m a strict planner. Other weeks I’m totally playing it by ear. Working for yourself is like that sometimes and I’ve found myself getting more and more used to the unpredictable nature of it all. However, there are several goals I had for myself and for my business that haven’t really panned out because of Covid and outside stressors. I really want to crank out some of these personal projects in the second half of the year so it’s time to sit down and make a plan for myself.

2. Watch Less TV

This is an odd one since I usually don’t add goals for things I want to stay away from. But this quarantine has me watching a ton of TV, or at least I have the TV on in the background for noise, and I feel like it’s really wearing on me. Plus, I’m so must less productive, especially in the evenings, if the TV is on. I really need to start taking longer breaks from it and start thinking my own thoughts again.

3. Create For Fun Again

I had gotten in the habit of drawing and painting again and was loving it and then somewhere within the last couple of months I stopped. Client work has taken my full attention lately, but I’m ready to get back to creating things for fun again. There really is nothing like the creative boost you get from creating for yourself and just letting your ideas run wild. It’s something I definitely need to make more time for moving forward.

This month’s free background is simply meant to be feminine and delicate. Abstract paint has a way of soothing me and I’m already loving having this on all my lock screens. For the free background there are versions for your computer, tablet and phone wallpapers. Just scroll back to the top and sign up to our newsletter receive your free download!

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