The 5 Business Love Languages

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Chances are you’ve heard of the 5 love languages? These are 5 common ways that people tend to show and receive love within their romantic and platonic relationships. But what about how we tend to show love to our clients during and after our time spent working together? In today’s episode, Catryn is sharing 5 business love languages that she thinks most business owners show to their clients, customers, and audience based on her time working with a wide range of fellow creative business owners. Which of the 5 business love languages resonates most with you and the way you choose to show up for your clients?

In the spirit of February we’re all about love languages… business love languages that is!

Now, we are BIG fans of the original 5 love languages but we thought there could also be common ways that business owners show up and love their clients.

The Hype Woman

You are your clients biggest fan and cheerleader! You shout their praises on every platform and want the world to know just how incredible your clients are. You celebrate wins with them, leave uplifting comments on all, or most, of their posts, and feel like a proud momma when they succeed and meet their goals.

The Problem Solver

You want your clients to feel comfortable coming to you with any question or concern so that you can put their mind at ease. If they are unsure about how something works, or want to see something change within their business, you are their go-to resource for all the solutions and fixes.

The Giver

One of your favorite things is packaging up a bunch of branded merchandise for each of your clients and surprising them with a business care package of goodies. You believe everyone should have a chance to rep their own merch out in the wild and get a few freebies every once in a while.

The Safe Space

You love a chance to chat about what your clients have going on in their life and business and your main goal is to empower them to dream as big as possible. You want to be a safe space for them to open up, share the problem areas of their business with you, and feel validated in the ideas and steps they are taking towards their goals.

The Planner

You love a good game plan and you know the best way to serve your clients is to take over some control in order to free up time for them to work on the heart of their business. You are a master at making a game plan and helping your clients achieve their goals through concise planning and strategy laid out in an easy to follow format.

Any of these sounds like you? Let us know which one you strive to be for your clients!

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