One Year Older

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As of today I am officially 27.

It’s a little hard to believe and not because I’m one of those people that dreads getting older. On the contrary. I embrace getting older.

It’s hard to believe because I feel like just last year I was turning 23 and the year before that I was turning 21. It doesn’t feel like 6 years have passed since then.

But as much as 27 has managed to sneak up on me, I must say that I’m very content with the stage of life that I am in at the moment. I live in a city that I love with a guy that I love even more. We have the cutest/funniest dog in the world. All of my family and friends are healthy and happy. And to top it all off I get to work for myself, doing a number of different jobs, and working with the best clients a girl could ask for!

I’ve already had a wonderful time celebrating with family and friends over the weekend in the mountains but the festivities with Mike and friends are just getting started. I’m very excited for this 27th year of my life and am so thankful for all of you following along on my journey. I appreciate you all more than you know.


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