June Background + Monthly Goals

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I may have a soft spot for the month of June. For one, it’s truly summer and shorts weather. While I’m never tan anymore I still love roaming around town (or riding around on my new vintage bike!) in colorful shorts or a breezy sundress. Secondly, I love June because it’s my birthday month! I’ll be 27 this year and I can hardly believe it. I don’t dread getting older like some people do, but 27 is still an odd age. Slowly but surely leaving your mid 20’s, but still not as adult as 30. I’m still not sure if I’m vibing with it. Regardless, I still can’t wait to celebrate with all my favorite people and my scruffy headed pup.

June Goals

1. Upload new prints to the shop

If you saw this post on instagram then you already got a little teaser that I have new prints coming to the shop really soon! Over 25 of them!! I just need to do some product shoots and they will be up there in a jiffy. Get excited!!

2. Bring new content to this blog

It’s no secret that this blog has been hearing crickets lately. All that is about to change! I have my content calendar locked and loaded with tons of fun life events, freebies, calligraphy lessons, entrepreneur resources and more!

3. Journal daily

I started keeping a tangible bullet/art journal at the beginning of the year, but that too has fallen by the wayside. Instead of drooling over the content that other incredible journal-keepers are doing, I’m breaking back out the markers and scissors and making this a priority again.

4. Workout everyday

At least during the work week. Weekends are my time to spend with Mike and Radley and workouts don’t usually factor into that. Sorry not sorry.

5. Be more organized in all areas

When work gets busy, my organization goes out the window (hence why so many things have been put on the back burner lately). But this month I’m feeling confident in the plans I have laid out and *hopefully* I’ll be able to stick with them. Just taking it one day at a time.

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