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We are ESTATIC to announce that our Brand Shop is finally here! Inside the shop you’ll find 6 pre-made brands, each with their own personality, style and details. Pick your favorite and we’ll customize it to match your business name and info so that you get a professionally designed brand for your business ASAP.

The way the shop works:

See a brand you like.

Purchase that brand

Wait for an email from us that includes your questionnaire.

Fill in your questionnaire with your business name, preferred color palette, and all the details specific to your new brand.

We’ll get to work customizing the brand to fit your specifications.

By the end of the week, we’ll send you all your new files so you can start using your new brand everywhere!

Sounds awesome, right?!

Take a look at the brands in the shop!

In Russet Prose

The concept for In Russet Prose came from our love of classic literature, the artistry of classic book bindings, and the revival of slow living. It is both subtle yet luxurious in its delicate details and calls to mind the simple pleasures we seek out throughout our day that inspire us.

Tillie & Mauve

The concept for Tillie & Mauve came from our love of working with bloggers & podcasters who bring their own personal style and flare to their business. We played with two typography styles that work together to balance each other out without competing, similar to two best friends that bring out the best in one another while still being individuals.

Maddie Grae

The concept for Maddie Grae Photography came from our love of working with wedding photographers and the duality of being both classic and modern. With more and more photographers exploring film photography in a contemporary sense, we love the idea of taking vintage luxury and bringing it into 2021.

In The Woods

The concept for In The Woods Photography came from our love of working with adventure elopement photographers that never hesitate going the *extra mile* for their clients. With typography inspired by vintage national park posters and signage, we intend for this throwback to appeal to any modern explorers and adventurous souls.

The Drawing Room

The concept for The Drawing Room came from the revival of art deco/speakeasy style businesses. There is an opulence and notoriety that comes from having a business that isn’t afraid to be a bit daring and edgy. We also love that this brand toes the line between masculine and feminine energy.

Open Air

The concept for Open Air started from our love of the Appalachian Mountains and some of our favorite hiking spots. Nothing quite compares to getting out into the open air of a mountain overlook and we wanted this brand to feel both minimal and one with nature. Some of the sub-logos were inspired by trail markers and signage and would make lovely stamps or stickers for your business.

Found your favorite yet? Let’s get you a new brand ASAP!

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