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I feel like I say this every month, but May really snuck up on me. I honestly can’t believe summer is right around the corner and with it comes my 28th birthday (literally feels like I just had my birthday), our 3rd business anniversary, and many many wedding celebrations! April flew by and while it’s been quite here on the blog we’ve been busier than ever behind the scenes. Between house hunting, wedding planning, taking a business course, and still keeping up with work, this first part of the year has been a whirlwind but so far 2019 is shaping up to be our most successful year to date.

May Monthly Goals

1. Redesign the Site

Literally this has been number 1 on my goals all year but I’m hoping I’ll have some time to get around to it this month. We have a lot of changes happening in our business and it’s time that our website(s) reflect that.

2. Write More for the Blog

It’s no joke that when we get busier the blog and podcast tend to take a back seat. I’m trying to follow my own advice and write posts far in advance to have more content to share with you guys so hopefully we’ll get back in the swing of things soon.

3. Practice Self Care

Again, when we get busy things tend to fall by the wayside. All year I’ve put a bigger emphasis on my health and while I don’t talk much about this on any of my social media I’ve actually managed to lose 15 pounds and am so stinking proud of myself! I still have 10 or so to lose but I’m well on my way!

Only three main goals this month and here’s hoping I can stick with them! As always, enjoy the free background download for this month! I’m feeling all the plant vibes mixed with bright colors for the month of May. For the free background there are versions for your computer, tablet and phone wallpapers. Just scroll back to the top and sign up to our newsletter receive your free download!

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