April Free Download and Monthly Goals

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First quarter of the year is behind us and we are feeling all kinds of ways about it over here at Sweet Horizon. On one level it has been our most hectic start to a year ever, between work, planning our wedding, and trying to buy a house. On another level it has also been our most successful year to date for this little business and we are just so proud of where we are as we approach our 3 year business anniversary.

April Monthly Goals

1. Redesign the Site

Okay so I didn’t get around to this last month because of all the client work that took precedence and something tells me I may not get to it this month either. But it’s still here on my goals and to-do lists, so here’s hoping!

2. Refine My Process

I’m constantly refining my process with clients and learning something new from each new project that we take on. But with all the work we’ve done this year so far I’ve definitely seen some areas that I can refine a bit more. I’m a true believer that if a client has the best experience working with us, the end result will be even better as well.

3. Write More for the Blog & Podcast

March kind of got away from me, and as always when things get busy, client work will take the forefront. That means I was a little slack about writing and posting here on the blog or recording for the podcast. But I have posts planned, so I’m working hard to get new content out to you all this month!

4. Work on Themes

I keep planning on bring my old wordpress themes back but when I look at them it’s so obvious that my style has changed so much from that early work. Furthermore, I’ve learned quite a bit in the development end of things since then so I really would need to start from square one. Whether I bring back those old themes or design all new ones, you guys will be the first to know!

5. Plan downtime

I feel like I always have a goal each month similar to this. With everything we have going on we rarely have time to just be together and chill. Most of our weekends this month are taken up by events or work (wedding season is HERE!) so this may end up being a throughout the week sort of practice.

As always, enjoy the free background download for this month! I’m bringing in a warmer color palette for April to warm up these in between spring months. These colors are certainly on trend and I can see why! I’m obsessed! For the free background there are versions for your computer, tablet and phone wallpapers. Just scroll back to the top and sign up to our newsletter receive your free download!

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