March Moodboard – Blush Tones

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How in the world are we already a week into March??
I feel like I’m still getting my yearly plans in order even though I’ve tried to be totally on the ball with everything business-wise. Spring is creeping up on us regardless of what plans I have or don’t have. Honestly though, I’m ready for it.

The start of the 2018 has been super busy for Sweet Horizon and I am beyond thankful! But that’s just made these last couple of months fly by faster than normal. I have big things in the works for this blog and for my company this year and I’m ready to start implementing some of the changes around here. A big change is, I’m ditching the monthly ‘concepts’ and instead focusing on making this blog more useful and inspiring to other creatives, business owners, and bloggers. In other words, I’ll be bringing more goodies your way, like this monthly moodboard, while also giving myself more space to create. Win-win in my opinion. And hopefully that means I’ll actually be able to stick to my blogging schedule for the rest of the year. So far so good, right?

March has me daydreaming of warmer days (we keep getting little glimpses every now and again) and that means I’m feeling all the floral, calligraphy, and blush tones in this monthly moodboard. Plus, not only was International Women’s Day yesterday, but this entire month is dedicated to how incredible women are. My whole business model is built around women and what they can accomplish in business so I’m here for it!

Some things I want to accomplish this month:

  1. Wrap up a couple client projects
  2. Create an ad for my wedding videography
  3. Finish my 30 day French challenge (currently relearning French on Duolingo)
  4. Journal daily
  5. Wean myself off coffee (switching back to tea)
  6. Make more time for Radley (winter is a boring season for dogs)

What sort of things are you working on this month? Any monthly goals on your to-do list?


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