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I’ve been avidly reading blogs for years. I can remember the early stages of some of the current trendsetting powerhouse blogs. For most of that early period of blogging the main readers of blogs were in fact other bloggers. It was this tight knit community that was just getting started and wanted to lift each other up. Maybe that was due to the journal like quality of early blogs, and it certainly helped a lot of “blogging tutorial” based blogs become the huge resource that they are today. But as the blogging world has evolved to include more topics and styles, the readership has continued to expand as well. There seems to a blogging community around every topic imaginable these days.

That being said, there are so many great blogs out there. Seriously, SO MANY. But that’s what makes this community so fun to be apart of. There’s a new blog popping up everyday, an endless stream of creativity and never a dull moment. While I always love to find a new favorite blog that gives a fresh perspective and boost of inspiration, there’s something to be said for the ones that I’ve kept up with for years and continue to read, almost like chatting with an old friend.

I just had to share some of my favorite blogs, some new, some old favorites, but all serving as a great example of what blogging is all about. After all, it’s important to maintain that feeling of close knit community and recognize as well as praise what we all bring to the table.

Mikuta – Traveling

Mikuta might be one of my favorite blogs of all time. The duo behind the Mikutas blog (soon to be husband and wife) take incredible photos as they travel the world and share snippets of their personal life along with their adventures. I love seeing different countries through their lens, and the intimate nature of some of the images makes it feel like you are right there with them.

Gal Meets Glam – Fashion

The queen of blogging. Julia has been blogging for many years now and her great sense of style paired with her natural beauty has put her at the top of the fashion blogging game. Gal Meets Glam features Julia and her husband exploring their new hometown of Charleston and other beautiful destinations while wearing the most stylish clothing. Literally, someone give me her closet!

Kotryna Bass – Blogging

Kotryna Bass is a super talented blog designer and developer, and while I love seeing what new designs she’s working on, some of my favorite posts are her more informative and technical blogging based posts. She has great tips for setting up new blogs, refreshing old content, as well as getting the most out the wordpress and blogger platforms. I always recommend her blog for newbie bloggers.

This Renegade Love – Business

This is a newer read for me, but I’ve quickly fallen in love with the content and style of This Renegade Love. She has fantastic tips for online based businesses and has a refreshing perspective on topics that can be overdone. Any blog that keeps me continuously clicking through and bookmarking various content if a winner in my book, and I could spend hours reading through post after post on Lauren’s site.

New Darlings – Lifestyle

The couple behind New Darlings honestly seems like a couple that Mike and I would be friends with in real life. (I mean this is all real life, so… offline life?) They hang out at coffee shops, wear boots with most things, listen to old vinyl, have a cute little rescue dog, and love to travel. My kind of people! Reading their blog makes me feel like I know them, and honestly their lifestyle always seems picture perfect.

Cara Loren – Fitness

I’ve been a fan of Cara Loren for years and have loved watching her fashion blog grow, but recently she’s been doing more and more fitness based posts on her blog and on her Instagram. It’s hard to believe that she has two sons because she’s the fittest mother I think I’ve ever seen. I like to think that one day I’ll be as in shape as her, because she is absolutely fitness goals.

The Kitcheners – Photography

I LOVE following other wedding photographers because the photography world is growing by leaps and bounds and I’m always impressed by the amount of talent and creativity out there. Hands down the Kitcheners are some of the best I’ve ever seen. Their elopement photography looks like stills from the most romantic movie every and every image looks like it belongs in a magazine.

Victoria Mcginley – Inspiration

Victoria is another designer that I’ve followed for many years and I continue to admire her work with other popular bloggers. Her blog features a whole array of inspiration from moodboards, color palettes, lifestyle posts, business tips, must have products, and even monthly music playlists. Her blog is another one that I could spend hours looking through and leave feeling super inspired in all areas.

Jenna Kutcher – Business

If you haven’t stumbled across Jenna Kutcher on Instagram you must be living under a rock. This girls is killing the game with her business and social media knowledge. Not only is her podcast a must listen, her blog is packed with tips for businesses of any size. She also has courses for those that want to learn even more.

Local Milk – Photography

The Tennessee based blog Local Milk is full of amazing looking recipes, but for an amateur cook (at best) like myself, I just love looking through Beth’s amazing photography. Her natural lighting and cool tones are absolutely to die for! She’s totally aware that some followers are there for the photos, and she has some custom made Lightroom presets available for those that want to achieve a similar look.

Headed Somewhere – Motherhood

If I can be as cute a mom someday as Mary Lauren from the Headed Somewhere blog, then I will be winning. She makes being pregnant look like a dream and being a young mom look easy. Her kids are adorable and she and her husband seem totally in love. Paired with their cute little house and the fun she seems to have as a stay at home mom, she’s definitely one of my favorite mom bloggers to keep up with.

A Beautiful Mess – DIY

The sisters from A Beautiful Mess have created an empire and it’s been so cool to watch. Their home designs, recipes, and photography skills are always so much fun to see, but their DIY skills are like no other. At this point, they have enough DIY posts to have you building and crafting for years, and their creativity and craftsmanship have made them absolute legends in the blogging world.

In The Frow – Fashion

Victoria from In The Frow is stunning and makes every piece of clothing she wears look amazing. That’s just part of what makes her fashion blog such a great read. Her edgy European style is pinterest and instagram gold. But on top of her great fashion sense she’s also makes sure to write about serious life and business topics, proving that she’s much much more than the average fashionista.

Becki Owens – Home Inspiration

Who doesn’t love beautiful homes? A blog full of GORGEOUS exteriors and home decor? I’m like a kid in a candy shop. And when it comes to creating the perfect home, Becki Owens never disappoints. From Pinterest perfect interior design, to exteriors that would get HGTV’s approval, to tips about capturing the latest trends and styles, Becki has it all. I’ve never seen a house of hers I didn’t love.

Of course I follow even more blogs than just those that are listed. This list could go on for days honestly. That’s what makes feeds like Bloglovin such a god send, so that I only have to check in on one website to see all the newest blog posts from all my favorite bloggers.

You can follow all of these blogs on Bloglovin. You can even find Sweet Horizon.

What are some of your must read blogs? Any you’ve followed for years?


Blogs You Should Be Reading in 2018 from Blogs You Should Be Reading in 2018 from Blogs You Should Be Reading in 2018 from Blogs You Should Be Reading in 2018 from
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