June Moodboard + Monthly Goals

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Happy June and Happy Pride! We are almost halfway through the year and in just 3 days I will be turning 30! I absolutely can’t believe that I am about to leave my 20’s. It was both surreal and wonderful all at once. In some ways I already feel 30. In other ways, 30 still sounds so much older than I feel. Either way, I am embracing this next decade and all that it has in store for me!

This month’s moodboard is greatly inspired by Pride, which of course is being celebrated this month here in the US. I also wanted to bring in that summer feeling but in a breezy, laid back vibe. We are getting lots of evening rain storms lately so while it has been hot throughout the day, the evenings have been cool and breezy and that’s just the feeling I wanted to bring through in this moodboard.

Monthly Goals

1. Celebrate with Friends

There are a lot of birthdays in both my friend group and family around this time of the year and with almost everyone I’m close to officially having the vaccine we are venturing out more and more. For my birthday we are having a big cookout in the city park and enjoying catching up with friends this coming weekend. At some point I’ll head home to see family and celebrate with them as well. It is such a joyous time to celebrate with people again and we are so so thankful for this vaccine that is allowing life to slowly return to normal.

2. Travel

We received some sad news about our pup this past month so while we had travel plans for out west this summer, we’ve decided to change things and plan a trip that he can go on with us. We really wanted something to look forward to with him and an adventure for a few weeks seemed just the thing. We still need to talk to his vet a couple more times before we’ll know if it’s actually possible, but we are hopeful we’ll get to finalize our plans soon and head out towards the end of the month.

3. Continue building my team

I mentioned last month that I’ve hired a new VA, Shayne Benson, and she has been a HUGE help in this business so far. I’m also possibly opening up a Junior Designer position within the business so if that’s something you might be interested in drop us an email or keep an eye out on Instagram for when that comes available!

This month’s free background features rainbow colors in a color blocked formation which felt very on trend with the pop art and mid century modern resurgence lately. For the free background there are versions for your computer, tablet and phone wallpapers. Sign up here to our newsletter to receive your free download!

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