April Moodboard + Monthly Goals

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April is here and we are loving all things SPRING! We’ve got houseplants in every room, we’re cooking fresh recipes, we are taking longer evening walks, and we’ve been going outdoors on the weekends. It’s so wonderful when the weather starts to warm up and we get to enjoy being outside again. I can’t wait for camping, hiking and even weekend picnics in the park.

This month’s moodboard comes from the idea of opening windows to let the breeze and spring weather in. I also have a focus on swirls; coffee swirls, swirled up bed linens, leafy swirls, swirls in wood grain, pastry swirls, and of course swirling vinyl records. Natural and man-made textures working together to bring such lovely details to our daily lives.

Monthly Goals

1. Spring Clean!

I’ve gotten the itch to deep clean lately! Maybe it’s spring cleaning fever or maybe it’s just because we’ve been stuck at home for the last year. We’ve been pulling things out of closets, sorting every little thing, setting things aside to donate, and putting things back where they belong. I figure, if we haven’t used something the entire year we’ve been home, then why do we have it? It’s time to sort and donate and throw away and just START FRESH!

2. Paint & Write More For Fun

I started a TikTok earlier this year to encourage myself to paint more. As work has gotten busier, I haven’t been keeping up with it. But starting my day by sitting at my bedroom window and painting has been the absolute best and I want to get back into it. I also bought myself one of that short story prompt books at Barnes and Noble to encourage myself to get back into writing just for fun again. We’ll see what comes of it!

3. Plan For the Future

We have big plans for this year within our personal lives. We’re hopeful that life will start getting back to normal with most of the US getting their vaccines to put an end to this pandemic and that we can start checking off some personal goals and things we want to happen as we turn 30. A tentative trip out west is first on our list and then many more joyful things to follow. Obviously, I’ll share all about it on our Instagram.

This month’s free background is inspired the beauty of chaos! It was hand painted using real coffee and gives me all the spring time vibes. For the free background there are versions for your computer, tablet and phone wallpapers. Sign up here to our newsletter to receive your free download!

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