Starting the New Year with Intention

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I’m not usually one for New Year’s resolutions. My thinking is that you can make a change any time of the year. But I totally get the desire to reevaluate things. I mean, I spent most of last fall and winter doing just that.

My New Year’s resolutions in the past have been some sort of intention or task to complete. Like, read a book every 2 weeks for the year (check!) or complete 2 rounds of BBG (sort of check!).

So in the spirit of the New Year I’ve decided that instead of a “resolution”, I’ll stick with setting intentions for myself.

To me, intentions at least give you a direction to head. A resolution like “lose weight” is honestly too abstract for most of us to stick with long term. Instead, with an intention like “take yoga classes 2-3 times a week” there’s now a tangible thing to check off your to-do list, and you guys know I’m all about to-do lists.

My 2018 Business Intentions

  1. Post at least once a week on this blog
  2. Post at least 5 times a week on instagram
  3. Develop my first ad for my videography/photography business
  4. Be at my desk and ready to work everyday by 8am.
  5. Take the evenings off to be with Mike and Radley.

My 2018 Personal Intentions

  1. Update art/bullet journal once a week.
  2. Complete 40mins of cardio every other day.
  3. Finish at least 1 novel a month.
  4. Practice French (Duolingo) for 30mins a day.
  5. Learn a new recipe every week.

What sort of intentions are you setting this year?

Tracking your intentions and resolutions is super easy with these printable trackers, perfect to use alone or as inserts in your journal or planner.

Happy New Year!


Starting the New Year with Intention from Starting the New Year with Intention from Starting the New Year with Intention from Starting the New Year with Intention from
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