September Free Background and Monthly Goals

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September is here and I’m actively willing it to feel more like fall. This happens every year where it feels like summer up through October and then suddenly the temperatures plummet and we seem to skip fall. If September would just start the cooling down process so I could soak up every moment of my favorite season that would be great! This September we are celebrating Mike’s 28th birthday, our 6th Hopscotch Music Festival together, several wedding showers with our dear family and friends, and exactly 2 months till our wedding day. Still can’t believe it.

September Monthly Goals

1. Revamp the Resource Library

We’ve been changing a lot about the back end of Sweet Horizon lately and with that means changing out some of what we have been offering. You guys were so awesome about giving us some major feedback on our recent Instagram stories about what you’d like to see more of or new features you’d like for us to implement. I have big plans for utilizing our resource library to bring you even more free educational tools and goodies!

2. Offer more free education

Along with the new tools we are planning to bring to the resource library, we also have plans to round out all of our free education resources; the blog, the podcast, and new items like webinars, informational pdfs, and more! I’m so stoked to be really fleshing out this end of our business and I hope you guys are too!

3. Work on themes

This has been on my to-do list for what seems like forever but it’s official! New themes are in the works and will be coming your way either this winter or early 2020! I’m slowing down my client work as our wedding approaches so that I can easily take time off to enjoy, so during this fall and winter my attention will be on making some incredible new themes. I’ve continued to see the demand for it within my business inquiries and it’s something Mike and I both are very excited to produce for you guys.

4. Finish setting up our house

A little personal goal to add to the bunch this month but we’ve now been in our new house for 3 months and are just NOW getting things set up. It’s been a process because we literally didn’t own any furniture and had to order everything. Now that we are finally getting in said furniture, we are slowly getting our house in order and it’s starting to feel more and more like home. I’m ready to really get it set up and organized so that after our wedding it feels like the perfect little home for us.

5. Finish last minute wedding details

Another personal goal but we are very nearly married and there is still so much to decide! Weddings are hectic and it kind of feels like you never reach the end of your wedding to-do list. I so clearly remember thinking “Oh we have over a year to decide everything. We can take our time.” and I literally don’t know where the time went because now we are 2 months out and it’s crunch time. Time to decide all the last little things so that the month before the wedding we can relax and enjoy!

Enjoy the free background download for this month! It’s literally one of my favorites so far! For the free background there are versions for your computer, tablet and phone wallpapers. Just scroll back to the top and sign up to our newsletter receive your free download!

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