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It’s a common assumption that when you work from home that you can kind of do whatever you want. Let me dispel this assumption once and for all. Other than the fact that I can work in my pajamas, the rest of my day is pretty intense work-wise. In fact, working from home means that my life runs more scheduled and regimented than ever before, even back when I taught school for a year.

I’ve found pretty early on after delving into the life of solo-entrepreneurship that I need a plan of action each day to tackle everything I have on my plate and to make sure I don’t forget anything. Otherwise things get a little disjointed and I feel like I get nothing done. Read more here about this and other lessons I learned the hard way during my first 2 years in business.

So what does a day of work from home life actually look like? Basically it looks like trying to get a lot done and barely fitting it all into one day. However, I’m getting better about taking evening and weekends off because it’s literally the only thing that keeps me sane. But let me break down a typical day for you:

8am – Leisurely Wake Up

This can look very different from day to day. Always Radley goes out as soon as I can put on some clothes. Then, I used to come in and make a big pot of coffee, but I’ve recently cut out caffeine. So instead I usually make myself a breakfast smoothie and settle onto the couch to scroll through social media and answer emails from the night before.

8:30am – Blog Post Publishing (Mon & Wednes)

On Mondays and Wednesdays I post new blog posts and they automatically go live at 9am. I usually check in with the blog on these days and make sure everything still looks good on the blog post and site, as well as answer any comments that have been left.

9am – Client Work

This usually starts earlier than 9 most days, but it all depends on how many emails and blog related things need my attention that morning. Client work can be anything from website design and branding clients to video and photo editing.

11:30am – Instagram Posting

According to Instagram my target audience is most active starting around noon everyday. Because of this I try and plan my Instagram posts to go live anywhere between 11 and 12. Sometimes they are earlier or later depending on how together I am or if I’ve set myself a reminder. Thankfully, Planoly lets me see all my images in grid before I post them, lets me set reminders, and holds all my most used hashtags.

12:30pm – Lunch

I’m really bad about taking a proper lunch break. Instead it’s usually me walking Radley quickly, fixing a quick bite and sitting back at my computer while I eat. I know that probably sounds sad but when things gotta get done there is no time to waste!

1pm – Client Work

Again, solely based on what work I currently have coming in. On slower days where I finish my work early I’ll take that time to do other business related things like taking photos for the blog and Instagram, handling my business accounting, and working on prints or themes.

4pm – Work Out & Shower

Health has become super important to me. Since I sit most of the day my body craves some sort of physical exercise at the end of the work day. When it’s not too hot I like to take Radley for a run around town, which also counts as his evening walk. Otherwise I’m in our gym on the stationary bike or in the living room doing a dance workout on the tv. I have to do workouts that are actually fun or I literally won’t do them.

5:30pm – Walk Radley

Taking care of pup is essential as well and Radley loves his afternoon walks. Sometimes we drive to the dog park if I feel like Rad could really use a break from the apartment.

6-9pm – Dinner and Hanging Out with Mike

I always try to take time in the evening to eat dinner and do something with Mike. Sometimes we’ll go bike riding or go play tennis if I haven’t gotten around to working out yet. More often than not we catch up on our Netflix shows and play some video games. Vegging out time is just as important for a relationship as fancy nights out on the town.

9:30pm – Social Media Planning and Blog Post Writing

Before I get ready for bed I like to schedule any posts that will go out the next day. I plan out my Instagram images in advance but usually write the captions right before I post so that they are genuinely of the moment. I’ll also write blog posts for the next week, since I try and give myself some time to edit the content and take photos and get those edited as well.

11pm – Journaling

The last part of my day is usually journaling, whether in my normal journal or in my Question A Day book. I’ll then make a to-do list of the things I need to make sure I do the next day. Always have a plan. Then we usually put on Friends as we get ready for bed.

If you can’t tell, I’m kind of a night owl and would actually work much later if it were possible for me to wake up the next morning and do it all again. Regardless, I don’t mind taking a couple of hours to get to the business items that I didn’t get around to during the normal work day because Mike usually likes that time to play video games and chill for the evening.

There are days where I handle specific tasks:

Sunday – Pinterest scheduling

I feel like I finally have a good handle on Pinterest and harnessing the traffic from it. Stay tuned for a post at a later date on my Pinterest strategy. Every Sunday I take a few hours to schedule all my pins from the previous week’s blog posts using Tailwind. I prefer this method of bulk scheduling so that I know every blog post is getting pinned and yet Tailwind helps be space the pins out so that they don’t all hit my Pinterest at once. And I love that Tailwind helps me pick the best times to post throughout the day. Total lifesaver. I still pin other people’s content throughout the week as I come across it.

Monday – Plant Care

This is random little bit of my life but I absolutely LOVE having plants all throughout the apartment. Watering and pruning them once a week keeps them all super happy and thriving. My succulents get water every other Monday.

Friday – Stretch Day

A lot of my workouts revolve around cardio intensive exercises so I make sure and spend my workout time on Fridays to fully stretch and help recover from the week’s strain. Even sitting all day takes a toll on my back so yoga is absolutely necessary.

This is just what I’ve found works for me and my hectic work-life balancing act. Some days look a little different if I have a new client meeting, if I’m in between client work, or if I have a deadline to meet. A big part of this entrepreneur lifestyle is learning to find a plan that works for you but also to be flexible in the midst of your set plans.

I’d love to hear about how you guys schedule out your days! Do we have similar schedules or do you work in a different way?


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