May Moodboard + Monthly Goals

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Life is weird right now, huh? Another month of hunkering down at home has come and gone and while not a lot has happened in terms of our day to day life, it’s still a little exhausting, you know? But all things considered we are doing well and working on a lot of new projects that we will start sharing them next week over on Instagram.

I’ve really tried to pay attention to my headspace and how I’m feeling lately because I find myself really struggling with coming to terms on how this virus is effecting all of us. I feel like it’s a little too early to tell how everything is going to turn out once it passes, but I’m trying my hardest to stay optimisitc for the future. That’s all we really can do, right?

So this month’s moodboard is leaning heavily on greenery and the warmth outside that we are all craving, while still finding the beauty in the everyday around the house; like the light coming in the window, the joy a good book and cup of coffee can bring, and turning to a hobbies that we enjoy to get us through. I hope the minimalism of this moodboard brings some calm and good vibes your way this month.

May Monthly Goals:

1. Post more of our work

We have 3 total dream client projects in the works right now and as we get further along in the process I can’t wait to show some of the things we’ve been designing. It feels good to be flexing my creative muscles again and design for a wide range of brands and websites. Keep up on Instagram to see what we are creating each day.

2. Read More

So far I feel like I’ve been doing a fairly good job at diving into some personal projects and hobbies that I had been putting on the back burner, but for some reason I still haven’t taken the time to dig into our library of books that I’ve been meaning to read. I have been listening to the Goldfinch while I work, but I literally have stacks of books I want to read and I really want to make more time for them this month. I think losing myself in a good book will help put my mind at ease these days. Any recommendations?

3. Work on Our Home

Even though we bought our home around this time last year, with our wedding at the end of last year, a lot of home projects were put on hold until the wedding festivities were finished. We have a running list of things we want to do around the house and most recently I’ve finally been painting our kitchen cabinets. I painting the upper cabinets last summer and we’ve literally had a two-toned kitchen ever since. I’m super excited to be knocking some of these tasks off our to-do list and really make this house our perfect home.

This month’s free background is simply meant to be calming and relaxing. I found I was needing something a little more minimal this month, and you can never go wrong with watercolor in my opinion! For the free background there are versions for your computer, tablet and phone wallpapers. Just scroll back to the top and sign up to our newsletter receive your free download!

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