May Moodboard + Monthly Goals

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A Breath Of Fresh Air

I have a lot of hope for this spring. Maybe that’s wishful thinking, maybe I’m simply manifesting.

I’m feeling more like myself for the first time since December and it’s making me hopeful that life will start to make more sense as we continue on. It’s been so long since I’ve had the energy to set goals for myself, to make plans and actually be excited, and to genuinely look forward to taking care of personal to-dos.

We are currently on a stay-cation to have a little break from life and so far we have read numerous books, have had date nights to some of our favorite restaurants, have had full day thrifting expeditions, had evening outings in the city with friends, and have made plans for areas of our house that we haven’t touched in the 3 years we’ve lived here.

This spring is for getting myself back. For pursuing the things that bring me the most joy in my every day and for letting myself exist and enjoy life again.

Monthly Goals

1. Practice Proper Skincare

Because of estheticians on Tiktok, I have recently done a deep dive into all things skincare and what a great skincare routine would look like. I came across “skin cycling” and decided I wanted to give it a go, or at least see how long I stick with it before I get too lazy. I’m honestly been a simple cleanser and moisturizer girl, who is a sucker for the occasional cult-following skincare product (I’m looking at you Good Genes), but with skin cycling I am encouraging myself to be diligent with my vitamin C serum, chemical exfoliants, retinol, the whole 9 yards. I’m pretty stoked about it actually and, at the very least, all the bottles look lovely on display next to my sink.

2. Be in Nature

Every week I’ve been walking with one of my best friends and it has been such a wonderful way to get steps in and have friend time all at once. It’s also made me realize how much time I used to spend outside and how now I have to plan even a brief hour long walk each week in order to go outside for this amount of time. Not having a dog and living through a pandemic will do that to you I suppose. But as summer is warming up I’m more than ready to start spending more time outside: going on hikes, taking camping trips, going to the beach, spending time at our family’s lake house, spending time at our pool, riding our bikes down the greenway, sitting on our patio in the evenings, just being out in nature. This feels like the perfect way to ease into summer.

3. Cut back on Technology

I talked about this a bit in my latest podcast episode, but as a way to set more boundaries in my life I have actually silenced almost all of my notifications. I cannot beginning to explain to you the relief that I feel not having a million and one notifications for every app on my phone as soon as I wake up in the morning. That way I’m only reading emails when I’m at work, I’m only seeing Instagram likes and comments when I want to, and I’m not feeling the pressure to constantly be scrolling mindlessly through my phone at all times. With this relief has come a new independence from technology and I want to encourage this in the coming month. I want to read good books rather than be bombarded with TikToks. I want to get outside and enjoy this weather instead of only sitting behind a screen. I want to make memories with my husband instead of comparing to everyone else on my feed. I want less time consuming, more time making, exploring, and living.

What goals are you focusing on this month? Any that are similar to mine? Let me know over on Instagram!

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