May Moodboard + Monthly Goals

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I truly can’t believe it’s already May! This year has been a whirlwind so far and I’m so incredibly blessed with how my business is doing. I feel like I’ve really turned a corner lately and I’m not sure what has made the difference; if it’s been the courses I’m taking this year that have caused a mindset shift or if it’s just been enough time that this little business is finally coming into its own. Whatever the reason, it’s been a wonderful year so far, filled with incredible and inspiring clients, new friends in the entrepreneurial space, and lots of learning and growing.

This month’s moodboard comes from the idea of Sunday brunch, enjoying mimosa’s on a patio with the warmth of the sun on your back, laidback days perusing used bookstores and favorite coffee shops, then evenings spent swimming or sitting by the water. These are all the vibes I’m heading into summer with this year.

Monthly Goals

1. Get Outside!

With the warmer weather we are spending our afternoons outside more and more. Whether that means going for an extra long walk in the evening, playing a game of tennis, taking our longboards to the greenway, or heading to the park with a good book, this spring/early summer weather has us wanting to soak up all the sun! My goal for this month is to fix up our patio so we can start grilling out and spending the evenings reading as the sun sets.

2. Start seeing friends

We are fully vaccinated and are so excited at the idea that we can start hanging out with friends again without being paranoid. Almost all of our friends and family are vaccinated at this point so we have some plans later this month to see people and catch up. Truly wild that it’s been over a year since my parents have come to stay with us or that one of the last times we were all together with our big group of friends was Thanksgiving of 2019. Absolutely insane!

3. Start building my team

This has already started to kind of happen since I’ve already hired a VA to help me tackle some of the behind the scenes things in my business. Shayne Benson has officially started working with me this month and I couldn’t be more excited or thrilled to have her help. I’ve also been talking with a designer about the possibility of helping me as a junior graphic designer. It feels absolutely wild and awesome that I am able to bring people on to help with this little business of mine. Stay tuned to see how this changes things around here!

This month’s free background is inspired by the warmth of this month and all the lazy weekends filled with brunch and lots of sunlight. This is a hand painted abstract calendar that you can use on any device. For the free background there are versions for your computer, tablet and phone wallpapers. Sign up here to our newsletter to receive your free download!

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