March Moodboard + Monthly Goals

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A Season Of Slowness.

I know that I don’t need to remind you that the world is a chaotic and scary place. But I do want to take a second and remind you that it’s okay to not always feel okay.

With everything going on at the moment I know that some of us are trying desperately to hold on to “normalcy” and keep moving forward, some of us are doubting a lot right now, and some of us are completely overwhelmed and not sure what to do next. Whatever you are feeling right now is completely normal and valid.

In the face of uncertainty, I have felt the need, more than ever, to slow down. I feel less and less pressure to be “productive” during these times because I know what my mind and body need is to ease up and slow down. The race of deadlines and endless to-do lists always adds to my overwhelm and anxiety and sometimes I just need to be in control of something, even if it’s just what I’m adding to my daily tasks. I have taken this early part of 2022 to enjoy adding more slowness to my daily routine. Things get done in time but there is no rush, no pressure, and no guilt to achieve big things every day, week, or month. It has done wonders for my mental health to just give myself the time and space I need for even small tasks.

My focus has been on donating to efforts and organizations that I care about, lifting up others as much as I can, lean on people I know I can count on and encouraging them to lean on me as well, and looking for the things and moments that are bringing me joy.

I know that I am a small person in a big world. I am also an empath at my core and world events feel personal to me because I know they are personal to someone else out there. I feel as though I can only do so much, but anything I can contribute is better than nothing. It may not be much, but it is something.

I’ve talked a lot already this year about finding joy in our everyday and I think in times of crisis that’s even more important than ever. It can be something small like enjoying the warmth of the sun that’s starting to make its presence known. It can be something big like recognizing what a gift it is to have this life. Do something today that brings you joy: call a friend, get a treat, take a walk, journal your thoughts, buy yourself some fresh flowers, spend time watering your plants, put your favorite album on, cook your favorite meal, give your pet some attention. Whatever brings you joy, make time for that this month and find peace in the slowness.

Monthly Goals

1. Prioritize “me time”

Heading into March, I’m wanting to prioritize more time devoted to making myself feel good. More face masks, more reading, more exercising, more tidying up the house, more relaxation. We also went ahead and booked some massages for ourselves this month, something we both have been saying we desperately need for months now. The stress and tension build up in my shoulders is REAL! I’ve also planned for one of my best friends to come stay with me one weekend while Mike is away and I absolutely can’t wait. I’m hoping that March is full of destressing and continuing to take care of both my mental and physical health.

2. Nourish my body

I’ve been tracking different habits each month of the year so far: January was for exercising, February was for reading more, and now March is for drinking more water. It’s no secret that Mike and I both are coffee addicts. I literally can’t function without my morning coffee. But I’m also becoming more and more aware of how I need so much more water in my daily life. So I have my habit tracker set to try and drink and entire 48oz water bottle full of water everyday. If I end up drinking more than that, fantastic! But 48oz is WAY more than I typically drink so I want to make sure and hit that goal most days.

3. Take Vacation

Another goal from my yearly goals this year. We have a small vacation planned for this month where we are heading up to Boone, a city that is special to us for many reason, the biggest being that it’s where we got married. We decided that we were going to try something new and get us outside of our comfort zone and just have some fun. So we are taking a skiing trip even though neither of us knows how to ski. I think we are going to try both skiing and snowboarding while we are there and a part of me thinks that we may catch on to snowboarding easier than skiing since we both skateboard/longboard already. While we are excited I’m still slightly nervous that I will come back with broken bones of some sort haha! Or maybe this ski trip will turn into a hanging out in the snow lodge trip. We shall see!

What goals are you focusing on this month? Any that are similar to mine? Let me know over on Instagram!

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