March Free Background + Monthly Goals

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2019 is flying by for me already. I’m so grateful for all the exciting things that have been happening for Sweet Horizon and for me personally. I’m already loving 2019 and can’t wait for all that is in store this year.

March Monthly Goals

1. Redesign the Site

It’s been awhile since I’ve put some time into my site designs and everything really needs to be updated. Really once a year I come through and do a brief update to code and copy, but this time it needs a bigger overhaul. Things are changing with this little business of mine and the website needs to reflect all of our new directions.

2. Photograph More of Life

As the weather gets warmer I know we’ll be spending more time outside of the house. I want to start bringing my camera to more events and just document our lives. We are in such an exciting season of life with our upcoming marriage and I want to remember every little detail. I’ve never been the type to bring their camera everywhere but I honestly want to start.

3. Show Off More Work

I’m always referencing client work that I’m doing but I really don’t show much of it on here or on social media. This month I have a TON going on and I’m putting a bigger effort into showing you guys all that I’m working on behind the scenes. Some gorgeous projects are just wrapping up and I can’t wait to create posts for them!

4. Focus on Health

Since our wedding is 8 months away, and I know it’ll be here before we know it, I am trying to lose some weight, but mainly I’m focusing on just starting some healthier habits. We’ve been cooking at home more but I’m trying to make exercise a bigger priority as well. Design is a VERY sedentary job, so I’m trying my best to counteract that.

5. Step Away from Work More

A lot is happening this month and most of it means more time with family and friends. I honestly can’t wait! But stepping away from work is always so difficult for me. However, when I look back at this stage of life, I want to remember time with friends celebrating multiple marriages, or time spent with family celebrating my sweet new little nephew. So I’m learning to give myself grace and allow myself to step away from work more and enjoy these moments as they happen.

As always, enjoy the free background download for this month! For March I wanted something a little more playful so I created this fun little line pattern. There are versions for your computer, tablet and phone wallpapers. Just scroll back to the top and sign up to our newsletter receive your free download!


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