July Background + Monthly Goals

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July is lining up to be intense, both in temperature and in work load, but it’s summer and I wouldn’t expect anything less. Trying to keep a little work life balance around here as we prepare for some beautiful wedding shoots back in the mountains, another website launch, working on a photography course (as a student, not as the teacher), and just general photo editing work. Did I mention it’s going to busy?? But I’m looking forward to spending some work days by the pool.

July Goals

1. Bring new types of content to the blog.

I’m so super excited for what I have lined up for the blog for the month of July. I have a few educational posts that I think you guys are going to love!

2. Stay organized

I have a lot of business things to keep track of this month. But I also don’t want my social media for blog to fall by the wayside as I try to tackle everything. That means using Trello and my planner to keep me organized, on track, and stress free!

3. See more friends

After all, it’s summertime and there’s no reason not to make time for dear loved ones. If we haven’t seen each other in awhile, hit me up! Let’s go get coffee!

4. Workout every week day

This has been the same for a few months but it’s still a goal. Working out hasn’t quite become something that I look forward to yet, but we are making progress. Health and self care should always be a goal.

5. Practice French daily

I’ve been relearning French using Duolingo recently and I’m so psyched by how much more I now know. I want to make it a habit to practice for around 30 minutes everyday to get more and more proficient.

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