February Moodboard + Monthly Goals

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Timeless romance

I don’t know if it’s because we are currently picking out shades of green in order to paint our master bathroom or if I’m just that influenced by design trends these days but green is really speaking my language lately. Pink and red seem like an obvious choice for a February moodboard so I like to challenge myself to find other color palettes to focus on during this month.

This year it’s green all the way.

Green feels calming, laid back, cozy even, but lovely and lush all at the same time. There is a classic elegance, a timeless romance, to certain shades of green and we are pulling out all of those romantic vibes for this coming month.

To set the mood, we’re talking steamy baths, candlelit dinner parties, old records, layered blankets, favorite comfort books, and little handwritten love notes.

February can be about romantic love, love shared amongst friends, and even love for yourself. No matter what kind of February you intend to have, I hope it is filled with your favorite things and lots of cozy warmth.

Monthly Goals

1. Share more tips and tricks on social media

I’ve gotten better about showing up on Instagram these days and giving you all a peek at what I’m working on and the goings on behind the scenes. My goal moving forward is to show more tips, tricks, and suggestions that I provide to my clients in order to take their business and brand to the next level. I’m not one to keep knowledge to myself and I have so many things I want to share with you all! If you have any questions or things you’ve wanted to ask a designer please let me know and I’ll add it to the reels I have planned for this month!

2. Stay consistent

In case you haven’t heard, consistency is my “word of the year”. I’m working on being consistent in my marketing, consistent in my relationships and prioritizing seeing friends and family, consistent in my health and wellness, like working out and eating at home, and consistent in taking steps towards my big goals this year. There are a lot of things that require consistency in life and I don’t want to fall short in February and have my initial push in January be a start to something that I don’t follow through with. It’s essential that I continue with my dedication to my goals in February in order to really start forming some healthy habits.

3. Leave room for reflection

I’ve designed a new planner for this year and it’s part to-do list and task planner mixed with a reflection journal. I’m giving it a test run before releasing it and so far it’s just the sort of mindful planner I’ve been wanting lately. Now that January is over I’m giving myself some time and space to reflect on how the first month of 2023 went, where I could improve, and how I’m feeling about my goals so far. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in as well, sign up to the newsletter to be one of the first to get access to this planner when it launches!

For this month’s free background I leaned into the muted neutrals and soft greens in this digital painting for all of your screens. For the free background there are versions for your computer, tablet and phone wallpapers. Just scroll back to the top and sign up to our newsletter receive your free download!

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