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My goal for this blog has changed over the years. First it was kind of a catch-all of all the things I love, but when I started my business and then as my business has changed over time this blog has honed in on what I want to cover and be known for. I hope that you already see this blog as a resource where you can learn tips and tricks to take your business and blog to the next level, and as I bring more content this year I hope you continue to come back to each week and learn a little something new. That’s my ultimate goal.

But let’s get real for a second: I’m all for finding inspiration in what others are able to accomplish and the lessons they’ve learned along the way because, let’s face it, I don’t have it all figured out. My 3 year business anniversary is rapidly approaching and I still need some motivation and expertise from more seasoned designers and business owners all the time. I don’t really see there ever being a time in my entrepreneur journey when I’m done learning in fact. I think even when you’ve been in business for decades there are still things to learn and improve upon. If you aren’t adapting you are staying stagnant and that’s never a positive thing.

So when it comes to learning new skills or finding the best process to use, there are a few blogs I always click over to for a little refresh. Some of these names have quite a following so you may recognize a few, but I hope that you find a couple of new ones to follow that will become your new favorites.

Jenna Kutcher

Oh Jenna, how I adore you, as do so many others. This girl is like a walking “goal”mine (see what I did there) for all things business and social media marketing related. Between her hit podcast, the Goal Digger Podcast, her blog and her courses, she has majorly established herself as one of the ultimate experts in the field of online marketing. Plus she just seems like someone you could be best friends with, so even better in my opinion. I also talked about her last year in my post Blogs You Should Be Reading in 2018, so check out that list for even more blog recommendations!

Station Seven

I’ve followed the couple behind Station Seven, Brittni and Mike, for years and LOVE the themes they put out for WordPress and Squarespace, but their blog is also packed full of awesome content for bloggers and designers to help kick their web presence up a notch. I love seeing their posts on CSS and HTML tricks and their SEO tips are so necessary for anyone with a website! They’ve been posting great content for years so you can scroll through post after post and leave with a ton of new knowledge!

XO Sarah

One of the queens of Pinterest, XO Sarah runs a blog full of helpful tips, marketing strategies, client relations techniques, and freelancing advice. She puts out a TON of content but I always find her articles to be super detailed, in depth, and transparent about her whole process. She tells what works and what doesn’t work and why you absolutely should handle things a certain way. I love her practical way of looking at business and marketing, and frankly find it refreshing.

The Crown Fox

Kaitlyn over at the Crown Fox is part Virtual Assistant, part Graphic Designer, so her blog handles both subjects and gives advice for creatives and entrepreneurs looking to manage their content and creative energy in the best way possible. All of her content is applicable whether you are just starting out or if you’ve been at for years. She even hosts live webinars each week to chat about business in addition to the awesome content on her blog.

Melyssa Griffin

Another queen of Pinterest, you’ve probably heard of Melyssa Griffin and her multiple courses on building your business using Pinterest and social media. I started following Melyssa back when her business was the Nectar Collective, and even back then her blog was packed full of some of the best content for business owners on the internet. It’s no wonder she’s made millions teaching others her techniques over the years. While I’ve never joined one of her courses, I still find her free blog content and webinars SUPER informative.

October Ink

I’ve followed Morgan from October Ink for her expertise in graphic design for years and she owns a blog that is chock full of helpful information geared toward designers and small businesses. She offers resources to help you hone in on goals and clientele and breaks down some of the best tools and plugins for running a business online (lots of content for product/retail based businesses). Plus her designs are just so lovely on top of it all!

Elle & Co

While we are talking about graphic designers with a wealth of knowledge, I have to include Lauren from Elle & Co. Her blog and her webinars are some of my favorite go-tos when I’m needing a little business motivation. All of her content is focused on being a solo entrepreneur or content creator and her advice comes from years of her owning her own business and figuring out the best way to handle things. From workflow, to client relations, to online marketing, to social media presence, this girl’s got you covered.

This Renegade Love

Another favorite for years, This Renegade Love keeps it real with business and personal points of view. I find Lauren’s voice and energy super inviting and approachable, like listening to advice from an older sister. She mixes entrepreneur and more personal struggles, like self doubt in business along with ways to beat the algorithm on Instagram. Both aspects are super necessary when tackling this crazy online business world, because self care is just as important and caring for your clients and business.

There are SO MANY great blogs on the web these days that this list doesn’t even begin to scrape the surface, but it’s a pretty good place to start. With the internet changing daily, it can be hard to keep up with it all, but these ladies are sure to keep you on the right track. You know I’ll be over here following their advice as well!

Any blogs you love to follow for business advice that I didn’t include in my list?


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