August Background + Monthly Goals

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How in the world is it already August?? While I’ve been super busy crushing all my business goals for this year (read as: I have the most amazing clients in the world!) I’m super aware of the fact that this blog has been taking a back seat during this busy season in my life. The simple truth is, I alone can’t do ALL the things even when I so desperately want to. I have lots of blog posts planned for this month, but let’s hope that I can actually get some of them posted…

August Goals

1. Post on this blog more

I literally have enough posts to publish one each day of August. My downfall is just taking time to take and edit photos for these blog posts. You’d think as a photographer that THAT would be the easy part! Silly, right?

2. Set bigger business goals for the last quarter of the year

So bizarre that we are leading up to the last quarter of the year. And I totally believe that it will be here in the blink of an eye. Better start planning asap!

3. Enjoy the last bits of summer

I.e., get outside more! The weather is (slightly) cooling off here in Raleigh and it’s just so lovely. But summer thunderstorms are my favorite. Regardless, I want to do more things outdoors while it’s still warm.

4. Workout every week day

Still a goal for this month. Not quite working out as much as I should since this has been such a busy season for me, but health is still one of my main priorities these days.

5. Take time off

Oh boy, the best thing ever! I already took a long weekend vacay to Atlanta last weekend and it was JUST what I needed! We have a bigger trip in the works where we plan to roadtrip up to Maine this month and I absolutely can’t wait. If you have any recommendations for things we should do and see on the east coast please leave me a comment!

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