April Moodboard + Monthly Goals

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We have now officially entered into the warmth of spring here in NC.

We may still be donning our comfiest sweaters when outside and our fluffiest slippers around the house but our evenings are longer, our afternoon walks are a little more leisurely, our flowers are beginning to show their colors, and our coffee order is freshly iced.

Currently I’m on the hunt for some perfect gold layering necklaces and some lovely wood shelves for our newly green bathroom. I may not have fully done the “spring cleaning” throughout our house but I’m definitely in the mood for a refresh of our most used spaces and must-have accessories.



I started a bullet journal at the beginning of year just to track some of hobbies and activities to see how I was feeling and to see if there was any areas of my life that I might be unintentionally neglecting. Come to find out, I hardly do any of my creative hobbies. I have a TON of things like I like to do: play guitar, draw, paint, crochet, embroider, journal, the list goes on and on, so I specifically have a section of my bullet journal to keep track of all the things I love to fill my time with.

Turns out, I don’t actually fill my time with ANY of them. With having a creative job I feel like I’m constantly creating in some form or fashion but when I track the creative hobbies I do just for fun, I rarely, if ever, end up doing any of them. It was actually a shocking discovery because I always thought I made more time for these things. This has been a BIG sign to me that it’s obvious why I tend to feel burnt out creatively or feeling like I’m not always having fun in my day to day. I’m literally forgetting to do the things that bring me so much joy and inspiration. So moving forward, Mike and I are taking major steps to make time in the evenings for these fun little hobbies that enrich our lives.


This has probably been a goal before because it’s something that I’m constantly wanting to improve within the business. We do SO MUCH throughout each week and yet I show so little of it on social media. I also listed out a bunch of education content on a Notion board the other weekend and realized I had over a full years worth of content even with posting everyday. Obviously, I don’t get around to posting everyday. In other words, with all these ideas, I need to get on it and share some of these goodies with you all!

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Going back to the creative hobbies goal, Mike and I have started spending our Sundays out of the house, typically as a coffee shop because that’s a comfort spot for us both, where we can pursue any creative hobby we’ve been putting off all week. We will read, draw, write, create, chat with each other, you name it, and sip our coffee throughout the afternoon. It’s a special little treat for us both, and feels like a little date where we get to spend time together outside of our typical routine, and makes us so much more excited to hit the ground running for the week ahead.

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