51 Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas

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Lifestyle blogging is one of the fastest blogging genres out there. Viewers love getting a sneak peek into the lives of bloggers and it allows influencers the chance to blog about a ton of different topics and still live relatively normal lives.

Just like in my Travel Blog Post Ideas post, I’ve put together 51 blog post ideas specific for those of you who are either currently running lifestyle blogs or are planning to start one. This can come in major handy when building your content calendar for your blog. Some of these are a little more open ended because, as the name suggests, lifestyle blogging should have your own personal spin on it. These are just ideas to help get the creative juices flowing!

Location Specific

These posts should be specific to your town, so for these examples I’ve used my own city, Raleigh. If your town is a popular travel destination this opens up a lot of possibilities to write posts geared towards people who may be traveling to your town.

  1. New Restaurant in Raleigh
  2. Favorite Hangouts in Raleigh
  3. Raleigh Staycation
  4. Local Boutiques I Love
  5. Weekend Getaway
  6. Girls Trip with Friends
  7. The Most Instagram Worthy Spots in Raleigh
  8. Best Raleigh Tours


This category is the best for showing off any current things you are just loving and is a great opportunity to add in some affiliate links and make some money! These posts are awesome because you can easily redo these ever so often and update your readers on all the things you are loving.

  1. Must Have Pet Toys
  2. Must Have Workout Gear
  3. Must Have Skincare Products
  4. Favorite New Apps
  5. Current Favorite Spotify Playlist
  6. Favorite Organic Cleaning Products
  7. Current Favorite Trends
  8. Favorite Shows to Binge Watch
  9. Current Favorite Products
  10. Current Sales to Shop

Around the Home

People love looking at lovely home decor and room styling and these posts are VERY popular on pinterest. As a lifestyle blogger, readers are going to love seeing how you’ve chosen to style your house and again, you can easily share your favorite products as affiliate links.

  1. Home Decor Favorites
  2. Home Tour
  3. Houseplants 101
  4. Home Renovation Before and After
  5. Current Workspace
  6. A Guide to Spring Cleaning
  7. Styling Must Haves for Each Room
  8. Decorating On a Budget
  9. Entertaining Must Haves


This is the bread and butter of being a lifestyle blogger! Give your readers an inside look into your life and all that you have going on day to day! The monthly goals on this blog are actually some of my most popular posts!

  1. A Day in the Life
  2. Monthly Goals
  3. Staying Active While Working from Home
  4. Pet Spa Day
  5. Warm Weather Hobbies
  6. Cold Weather Hobbies
  7. Current Must Read List
  8. Current Sources of Inspiration
  9. Trying Out a New Recipe
  10. Go-to Daily Hairstyles
  11. General Life Update
  12. Podcast Recommendations
  13. Audiobook Recommendations
  14. Gift Ideas
  15. Daily Habits
  16. Current Fitness Routines

Blogging/Social Media

Aside from giving readers a look into your life, chances are you probably have followers that also blog! They love seeing tips and tricks on how you handle blogging and building your following. Give your readers some of your best blogging and social media pointers.

  1. My Blogging Must Haves
  2. Instagram Post Roundup
  3. How to Grow Your Social Media Presence
  4. Favorite Accounts to Follow
  5. How I Make Money Blogging
  6. What It’s Like to Blog Full-time
  7. How I Edit My Photos
  8. Giveaway

I hope this gives you some new ideas for your lifestyle blog! If you run a lifestyle blog, link it in the comments! I’d love to follow you!


51 Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas from www.sweethorizonblog.com 51 Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas from www.sweethorizonblog.com 51 Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas from www.sweethorizonblog.com 51 Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas from www.sweethorizonblog.com 51 Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas from www.sweethorizonblog.com 51 Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas from www.sweethorizonblog.com
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